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Francesco Reale

Film Festival Search

Hi everyone! I was just wondering if any of you know any great independent, or other festivals, that are geared towards short thriller and horror works? I've done some research but looking for another opinion. Thanks alot and happy film making!

Cornell Ford

Check out https://filmfreeway.com/festivals There's tons of them there.

Christopher McDonell

Have you signed up to WithoutABox? They have a search panel and send you regular updates involving thousands of festivals.

Francesco Reale

I am connected to withoutabox and film freeway and have been searching. I'm just trying to make the search more specific. Horror is a new genre for me to work with and I don't have a solid feel on the genre just yet.

Samuel Dyches

No way to cheat the process. Find a handful of festivals you could potentially attend, research their official selection two or three years back, see if you can track down the those selections on prime, Netflix, YouTube, or at least trailers, then watch sections or trailers, and see how your film aligns with that festivals official selections. Do the same thing for a handful of festivals that just look cool or pop-up in research but may not be close enough to attend. Fast forward a couple months and your hard work will pay off.

Caue Castelo

Hi Francesco, consider submitting to our festival. We are looking for fresh talent and even if it's already out there in some channels we will consider screening it. The business is changing for festivals too. Premieres are great, but most important is to connect film makers with new audience. We are offering cash prizes and a beautiful metal award. Altought it is our first edition, we are very proud of the material we are receiving and very confident that it will be a very prestigious event some years from now.

Here it's a special waiver for free submissions to Stage 32 Members. It is limited to 5 entries so act fast. More infos in the link bellow.

code: phen0stg32


Rowan Sutherland

Francesco, here's a perfect match. Take a look at a festival called BLASTOFF (www.BlastOff.us) which is offering a 30% discount code BlastOffx30 at this time. Awards include worldwide distribution for select films, via streaming, rental, and purchase outlets. Collective outlets probably have in excess of 20 million viewers - even a small piece of that can be significant.

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