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Matt Ip Shaw

Film Markets and Distribution Deals

Hey Everybody!

I am quite new to producing and distribution. A couple of creative friends and I are creating an animated series and are in the process of writing a film. What has always intrigued me is Film Markets and Distribution and how to actually go about selling your film etc. I was thinking about going to a Film Market just to see how business is done. Any insight and tips would be much appreciated! Feel free to message me directly as well.

Stay safe out there!

Dan MaxXx

confused. Are you making an animated series or one movie? Two different business models & paths.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

What phase is your animated series at, and what is it about? If you want to know about potential distribution for your series, go to ondemand.global and check out some of the info there.

Matt Ip Shaw

Dan MaxXx I'm working on two separate projects. One Animated Series and one Feature (although the feature is just now being written). I think I'm just looking to soak up knowledge and become more familiar with the whole routine. From what it sounds like, there's no one way of selling and pitching a project.

Matt Ip Shaw

Shadow Dragu-Mihai Thanks for the link! I'm heading there as I type!

Tasha Lewis

Several articles in Stage 32 Blog, Thescriptlab.com and Backstage.com . Also Inktip.com .

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