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If anyone out there could help me it would be greatly appreciated. I just finished editing a full length microbudget horror film, it's around 74 minutes. I would like to try and get it distributed but not sure which way to go. I am planning on placing the project on youtube and vimeo. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as getting this film out there. Thanks Shane

Shane Kelly Davis

My film was made on a 1,000 dollar budget and some of the production is raw at best. However, I stand behind my film and very proud that I was able to complete it. This is all new to me and not sure if there is a market for ultra low budget horror films but if there is I would love to know.

Dan MaxXx

Shane Kelly Davis I know the Owner of one of the biggest US home entertainment distributors but I want a commission fee (when it's sold). You gotta have a completed master tape with separate audio tracks, 2K picture resolution.Lemme look at your feature on a private vimeo link.

Christopher McDonell

You should’ve said the film cost you $10,000. Now someone can just give you two grande for it and they’re doubling your profit! Just kidding... :) I’m amazed you could shoot a feature on such a nano-budget. ‘Course it will cost you a lot more than that to deliver: legal, insurance, licensing, score, sound design/mix, colour correction... marketing... Good luck!

Ryan McCoy

Shane, message me on here or email me at: rynoryder@hotmail.com. I will take a look at your film and then give you my opinion on who or what you should do with it and will connect you with those people I know in the industry FOR FREE. Hit me back if you’re interested. Wishing you all the best!!

Brian Walton

http://www.filmhub.com self distribution platform. Can get you in front of most ott and digital services w/ no upfront cost

Mandy Del Rio

Hi Shane, my company is currently seeking to rep films for digital distribution. I'd be interested in taking a look if you'd like. Feel free to send me a private vimeo link mandyatfoxtrail@gmail.com. Thanks & good luck!

Tania Marino

What can we expect from the American Film Market if we are from Australia? Would appreciate any feedback

Ryan McCoy

Absolutely ZERO. I live in Los Angeles and have been attending AFM for years now. They are so far behind the 8-ball that it continues to do less and less business every year. All of my colleagues believe the same. If you plan on making the investment of coming out to the states, I would suggest that you go to Sundance, Toronto or Tribeca. Even if you don’t have a finished film, the networking alone FAR exceeds that of AFM. Shoot me a message on here if you have more specific questions and I’d be happy to share my opinion and advice with you. All the best.

David Zellis

Tania Marino we went there in 2014 and we are from Canada we got some lousy offers we did not take and companies that might have offered something decent didn't because we didn't have a star in the film. We found some form of distribution but after we attended. That being said it is worth going just for the experience alone.

Caue Castelo

Hi Shane, consider submitting to our festival! We are looking for fresh talent. There are cash prizes and awards. It is our first edition but I am very proud of the material we are receiving and very confident that it will be a very prestigious event some years from now. We are offering a special waiver for free submissions to Stage 32 Members. It is limited to 5 entries so act fast. More infos in the link bellow.code: phen0stg32https://filmfreeway.com/PhenoFest

Rowan Sutherland

Hi, Shane, if you don't have distribution yet take a look at a festival called BLASTOFF (www.BlastOff.us) which is offering a 30% discount code BlastOffx30 at this time. Awards include worldwide distribution for select films, via streaming, rental, and purchase outlets. Collective outlets probably have in excess of 20 million viewers - even a small piece of that can be significant

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