Distribution : Has Netflix Hit a Wall? by Art Thomas

Art Thomas

Has Netflix Hit a Wall?

I just read this article on the BBC website, could this be the beginning of the end for Netflix's growth? http://bbc.in/29JqsIn

Price rises turn off Netflix subscribers
Price rises turn off Netflix subscribers
Netflix shares fell sharply after the video streaming firm added fewer subscribers than expected ahead of US prices rises. The company added 1.68 million users in the three months to June - well below…
Amanda Toney

Interesting you brought this up. I'm bringing in a distribution vet to teach a webinar about Neflix, Amazon and Hulu and he's going over this in his curriculum. Great article and great share Art. Thank you!

Terry Owen

They have ALL hit the wall in that they have basically inherited a flawed system - www.akyumen.com and AkyumenTV on the other hand has been onboarding hundreds of indie filmmakers (shorts, features, documentaries, web series) from around the world while also bringing in the majors (Warner Bros, Sony, Disney etc) because we realize that while having "original programming" is great - we are in the business of providing a great platform (www.akyumen.com) and a great global content aggregate OTT (AkyumenTV) and leave the business of creative to the talented filmmakers and just ensure they are paid for content consumed on the AkyumenTV global OTT. Local ethnic content along with the major distribution content is key... as is our revenue model which is totally different from the high $$$ model Hulu, Netflix and others endure for VOD features up to a week late. Again they are doing more of the same in the industry and our goal is to effectively change the industry through paying subscribers (those that don't leave after the free period) in high global numbers. We are converting 48% of our smartphone and tablet global consumers to AkyumenTV and keeping them. Churn is killing the others but they keep throwing money at the problem without taking a step back and solving the problem which we are doing.

Wayne Graves

Terry Owens. The link you gave brings us to a product site. Now, I haven't research that hard yet, but is there a tv site that shows the content of your tv, or what you offer independent film makers? I didn't see it on the main site that you gave. Sorry if I missed it. If you're heading off the current problems and catering strongly to the independent industry, I'm very interested in knowing more. I'm pushing to launch a small magazine in a few weeks for independent animators and having a viable distribution outlet is important, so I'm looking into different distribution platforms. If you have more info on the tv area of your business and would like to talk about it, that would be great.

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