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Distribution : Has anyone had any dealings with BloodSweatHoney? by Scott Young

Scott Young

Has anyone had any dealings with BloodSweatHoney?

I just got an unsolicited email from BloodSweatHoney about a film I'm currently re-editing. Some poking around Google turned up pretty decent press on them and the two guys heading it up, Jeff "The Dude" Dowd and Alex Nohe. Wondering if anyone here has run into them in recent times and, if so, what was your experience and what were your impressions?

Mark Curran

My understanding is that Blood Sweat and Honey/Alex Nohe act as middlemen to distributors. You'd be better off going direct to distributors, but beware the waters are filled with sharks.

The filmmaker has little to no chance of recouping their investment anymore, with DVD sales dead, and piracy rampant, it is my understanding the market right now is very difficult for micro-budget movies recouping even the smallest cost. Add to that trying to get people's attention now with free content so available the game has really changed drastically in recent years.

I'd love to hear some specific numbers from any filmmakers who have experienced otherwise.

Mark Curran

I will also add to this that not being paid by a distributor does not necessarily mean the distributor is crooked, though it most certainly could be the case. Many distributors have gone out of business because making money from indie features has become such a difficult road. The same thing has happened to the music business. Everything has gone to subscription streaming, which leaves little to nothing to content creators even a chance at making back a fraction of the cost of creating that content.

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