How do I find the sales agent for a particular theater chain?

Hi Stage 32'ers! Quick question - how do I find/ where do I look/ is there a directory of sales agents? Like a LinkedIN of sales people for a particular movie theater chain? I want to pitch directly to the small southwest region I am in and finding the sales agent is like finding Waldo. The woman who answers the phone at the theater is pure gate keeper - and she is not looking for the key master. So any ideas on how to find the sales agent, acquisition person, distribution head - is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Nicholas Jordan

My suggestion is to obtain a copy of Spike, Mike, Slackers, & Dykes Book by John Pierson
And then this is best-bet right here ▬ I do not think you are going to rent directly to a chain unless you have a specialty product which is a niche-market and then a distributor network can be done by handy type work of just call them ~ so if SXSW wont do it for you what will?