How do I find the sales agent for a particular theater chain?

Hi Stage 32'ers! Quick question - how do I find/ where do I look/ is there a directory of sales agents? Like a LinkedIN of sales people for a particular movie theater chain? I want to pitch directly to the small southwest region I am in and finding the sales agent is like finding Waldo. The woman who answers the phone at the theater is pure gate keeper - and she is not looking for the key master. So any ideas on how to find the sales agent, acquisition person, distribution head - is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Nicholas Jordan

My suggestion is to obtain a copy of
Spike, Mike, Slackers, & Dykes
Book by John Pierson

And then this is best-bet right here ▬ I do not think you are going to rent directly to a chain unless you have a specialty product which is a niche-market and then a distributor network can be done by handy type work of just call them ~ so if SXSW wont do it for you what will?

Jon Bonnell

First, don't call the theater. You need to call the corporate office and ask for the booker. If they have more than one theater they have a corporate office, no matter how small.

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