Distribution : Is the Era of Linear TV Production Coming to an End? by Stephen Kirkman Powell

Stephen Kirkman Powell

Is the Era of Linear TV Production Coming to an End?

Netflix just inked a deal with THE (for all of you Ohio State fans) Walt Disney Company which calls for and order of "an 'unprecedented' slate of original live-action Marvel series." See the original story here: http://tbivision.com/news/2013/11/netflix-seals-unprecedented-marvel-dea...! So, what does this mean for the the producer, the writer, the actor, and dare I say... the television industry at large? If the new Marvel series role out in a similar fashion to Netflix's original show House of Cards (incredible, BTW), all episodes will be released at once. As a consumer, I absolutely love this because I choose how and when I interact with me content. As an artist, I REALLY love this because I get to write, act, direct or produce (yes, I believe that producers are artist!) something that has been fully conceptualized... i.e. not a slave to the whelm of advertising eyeballs. BUT, as a traditional network of cable/satellite provider, this is a huge threat to me. If history has taught us anything, people with deep pockets have a tendency to pull out all of the stops when it comes to protecting what's in those pockets. SO, which big network will try to buy out Netflix? Let me know your thoughts on the matter. Stephen www.stephenkpowell.com

Anthony Crociata

No one is buying out Netflix - They all count on Netflix as an ancillary market. That and they couldn't afford it. It would be cheaper to buy out HBO. http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/21/4862966/netflix-q3-2013-earnings

Ron Newcomb

I think the better question might be - who is Netflix going to buy out. :)

Giacomo Knox

Hey gang, this discussion was hit upon at many of the roundtables and seminars at Austin Film Fest two weeks ago. Normal broadcast TV will be DONE within 15 years or so, in lieu of the Netflix/Hulu/ or insert your own VOD company. Broadcast is getting too expensive to do, to have a show last only one season, or the dreaded cancelled within 3-5 episodes. Online streaming has much lower overhead, and a built-in audience. Netflix just upped the the ante on this acquisition. HBO is going to have to rethink that "I Hate You" relationship with them, and start offering its product to Netflix subscribers.

Ray Verduzco

Mr. Knox.. Keep pushing.

Giacomo Knox

Indeed Paisan. I intend to create content for Netflix. The business model is amazing!

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