Distribution : Looking to promote the pre sales for my film (to release soon) by Souvik Chakraborty

Souvik Chakraborty

Looking to promote the pre sales for my film (to release soon)

My latest short is now going through a pre-sales round, how do we get traction for the film at this stage? The ticket prices are optimally low and the film is a dystopian thriller with a strong message. Adding the link for you to view https://www.watchmyfilm.com/movie/a-knowing

Debbie Elicksen

Nice job on the trailer. Yes, it looks like something to add to the thriller watchlist. How else are you distributing it? Have any streamers picked it up yet?

Souvik Chakraborty

thanks for checking this out Debbie. Yes, the film has been picked up by two Pay per view platforms so far.

Brent Forrest

Create a list of promotional targets and start hitting them one by one. Pick up this book and read it: Selling Your Story in Sixty Seconds, then head over to http://wordplayer.com/columns/ and have at it

Debbie Elicksen

That's awesome Souvik Chakraborty. DM me if you need to brainstorm options and ideas.

Shellie Schmals

Congratulations Souvik Chakraborty!! Good luck on your launch!

Sam Mannetti

Congrats Souvik! I am the Director of Development Services at Stage 32. If I can ever recommend any of our script services to help get your short film in front of the right executives, please email me directly at success@stage32.com. Always happy to help!

Niki Hayes

Hi Souvik, Congrats! Reach out to success@stage32.com and ask about a Career Development Call. The team can suggest specific executives that would be a good fit for you to talk with about getting traction and visibility.

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