My Telugu movie 'Keekara Kai' - On Education Scams

Friends and Film Distributors! I made the Telugu movie. Title: 'Keekara Kai' [Dr. Babel when dubbed to English] Duration: 1 hr 40 mts Language: Telugu Songs: 1 Hebrew Song and 4 Telugu Songs Cast and Crew: All New Looking for: Worldwide Distribution in all languages and through all Media Channels. Present Discussion: About today's World Education Contents, Methods and Results. My Movie is about the present world education scams. Look at our world news. Are we really educated? There are numerous academic, religious, ethical, humanitarian and spiritual teachings going on in our so called modern and civilized world. But in spite all such oral-teachings - what are we practically witnessing around us? The media, newspapers, T.V. shows and all 'WOOD' [Hollywood, Bollywood ...] Movies are taking us to see, hear and follow - fights, rapes, money scams, education scams, suicides, terrorism, cheating, pollution, discrimination, exploitation, suppression, murders, wars and finally DEATH. If we go on like this kind of education, mankind will disappear from the face of the earth. We need 'Home School Education' that can take our children to peaceful world in all the areas of their lives. My movie is judged as - 'Not Commercially Worthy'. I understand the present film standards and agree that my movie is not up to such get-rich-overnight standards. But the subject in my family entertainment comedy movie needs to be reached to all nations ASAP. I really wish the members to participate in the discussion and come forward with practical suggestions and action. That's all I can say for now. Shmuel Yacobi Producer / Director Eretz Ephraim Pictures

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