Distribution : Need distribution for indie featured action story by Richard Encarnacion

Richard Encarnacion

Need distribution for indie featured action story

Hi, guys. I have a story along the lines of "Kill Bill" meets Rosevoir Dogs. Which I am currently seeking distribution for.

Can send info, to serious people. Thanks.

Rich Bryant

Stanley, at the present time, I am writing a play two in fact and working to complete them and have taken back a spec script I wrote that was in the hands of HBO producers and trying to re-shop it. It is ready to go as they say and had great coverage at top tier agency. I noticed you are looking for V/O? I have a link to my reel but I don't know how to attach it here. I.E. Learning the platform. If you wanna meet for Coffee (if that make sense) I'm in the city a lot. Thanks for your time, invite and inquiry.

Ryan McCoy

Is this just a concept? Or do you have a finished film? If it’s just a concept, forget about distribution for now and just go make it. Distribution will come to you if the product is good enough. I can give you personal strategies I’ve done to get films noticed once completed, but to try and land distribution at this level before production is one is ludicrous. I’m rooting for you!

Rich Bryant

Thanks Stanley. I will keep that in mind.

Rowan Sutherland

Hi, Richard, if you have a completed film you could look at a festival called BLASTOFF ( www.BlastOff.us ) which is offering a 30% discount code BlastOffx30 . Awards include worldwide distribution for select films, via streaming, rental, and purchase outlets.

Richard Encarnacion

Thanks guys

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