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Emanuele Turbanti

Netflix related distribution company

Hi everyone, I read something about how Netflix choose the featured movies and TV series to acquire and show on their platform. It seems it must be via a distribution company who normally sells to Netflix. I tried to find some company related with Netflix without achieve it. Can someone help me with this? Sorry for my awful english, jejeje.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Netflix is the future. It does not matter how they do what they do.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Netflix deals directly with the studios for many shows (movies and TV). Whichever distribution company holds the rights to movies and TV shows will make a deal with Netflix. Pick a Netflix movie or TV show, and look it up on IMDB.com ... you should be able to find who the production company and distributor is (who sold the show to Netflix). Hope this helps.

Rafael Pinero

Si Netfilx is not a good option for Indies money wise

Rafael Pinero

Great info Robin, it's good to know the details, I hope you're wrong because I really wanna get my film on Netflix

Bill Costantini

Netflix is becoming quite a player in the film biz. 1. It pays for films to be made that it then owns, and can either distribute or play on its platform, or both. So in that sense, it's the studio, the distributor, and the (virtual) theater. Not bad, eh? 2. It's also buying films from distributors/cable networks/film studios in aggregate deals like Lindbergh and Robin mentioned. 3. It's also buying single films that are already finished, like it did at Sundance last month. Here's a link to one of the articles. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/sundance-how-netflix-is-spending-8...

Rafael Pinero

Very interesting article Bill, thanks for the link.

Bill Costantini

I think whether or not Netflix is a good deal for small indies is more a relative answer than an absolute answer. It certainly could be a good deal for small indies that Netflix buys directly from the indie producer. The indie producer gets money up-front; doesn't have to seek a distributor; and doesn't have to incur the additional marketing costs if the producer gets their product in a PPV format or elsewhere and if they don't connect with a distributor. And the indie producer also gets Netflix's vast subscriber base (70 millions, I think) as potential audience members that could increase the indie producer's name recognition that could benefit future works by the indie producer. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Bill Costantini

Robin - I understand that, and mentioned it in both of my previous posts. According to an article in Variety last year that stated that over 60% of indie films lose money (it might have been 80%, I don't remember)....so if an indie producer sold his/her movie to Netflix for an immediate profit....how does that hurt an indie producer? It's always a calculated risk...or a gamble....to give up rights to something in perpetuity, But for those 60% (or 80%, or whatever the number is) who bust their humps to recoup their investment.....and never do.....aren't they making out on a deal with Netflix - not to mention that they now have a nearly-worldwide audience to introduce themselves to with the hopes of furthering their identity as a filmmaker and as a brand? That sounds like a deal worth considering to me.

Rafael Pinero

I sure would go for that, Bill... I would sell my film like that

Roxann Husband

Bill and Robin both make excellent points. The fees are relatively low, but the potential exposure is huge! It's up to individual filmmakers to decide how valuble "exposure" is to them. That said, if your film is a festival hit, Netflix is at least driving up the prices. http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/disruptors-how-netflix-amazon-are...

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