Your Stage : POSTCARDS FROM PLANET EARTH - where to take this webseries? by Melanie Henderson

Melanie Henderson

POSTCARDS FROM PLANET EARTH - where to take this webseries?

I've created the first 2 webisodes in a webseries POSTCARDS FROM PLANET EARTH and would be grateful for any info as to how to get them seen. I made a Facebook page and also posted in my Facebook community, but with the default "Top Stories" algorithm in FB, it's questionable what actually ever gets seen by anyone. Also, there seems to be a difference between people liking a Facebook page as opposed to clicking the links on that page. The webseries is offbeat, indie and yet a little sci-fi. Here's a description and the youTube links to the first 2 webisodes. Since it's not comedy or action or animation -- how do I get them out there? #1 is about 5 minutes and #2 is about 3.5 minutes. Any thoughts? POSTCARDS FROM PLANET EARTH: A record engineer video messages her astronaut spouse who's on a space mission; her solitary view from Earth as it starts to fail, and things are completely normal, until they aren't. Ep 1 “Is this thing on?” Ep 2 “Let’s be real.” thanks again for any info anyone might have. Melanie

James Grant Goldin

Getting anybody to see anything is, at best...nearly impossible. But posting other places than FB (like here) is probably a good start. You could look at the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival. Maybe you'll win something and then you'll have something more to tell people? Just a thought. A friend of mine won an award at the festival and it didn't bring in a bunch of eyeballs but it didn't hurt...

Melanie Henderson

thanks James!

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