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Distribution : Planning to sell and distribute your film - PLAN AHEAD. by Georgia Hilton

Georgia Hilton

Planning to sell and distribute your film - PLAN AHEAD.

So you made a film and you want to sell it and get a distribution deal.... PLAN IN ADVANCE ! The delivery requirements you might need to met can be daunting.....For example most of our overseas deals require the movie be ready for theatrical, broadcast and digital formats, a number of specific mixes and audio tracks, fully loaded M&Es, music, 20 to 40 minutes of extras ( behind the scenes, bloopers, deleted scenes, etc ), over 100 photos from production (50 on camera and 50 behind the camera ), ALL the paperwork/contracts/deal memos/title searches/chain of ownership/ etc, E&O insurance, the full AS SHOT script including dubbing data (time code start point for EVERY line in the film with the EXACT line as spoken ), Digital delivery, Tape delivery, and a bunch of little stuff... So make sure you can meet every delivery aspect of the deal besides just shooting a movie. oh, and they will want a hard delivery date... so even if it sound like a good deal, be ready for all the delivery requirements that might bite you in the proverbial butt. And our domestic deal.... ugh. makes the international deliveries look easy. So make sure you plan ahead for any number of formats and documentation requests.

Peter A Ford

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on distribution that was very informative.

Jon Bonnell

As part of my e-book I step through a line by line discussion of a typical delivery schedule. I'd put part of it on here but its rather a long discussion. http://www.amazon.com/Gotta-primer-independent-distribution-ebook/dp/B00...

Benjie Anderson

Very cool information. Thx for posting.

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