Distribution : Question about talking to Media or Film Buyers by Ramon Richardson

Ramon Richardson

Question about talking to Media or Film Buyers

When you come into contact with these members, do they have money to buy your film from you?

Ramon Richardson

So basically I will have to sign contracts that claim the distributor will sell on TV, Vod and give me 70 percent, or (whatever) so far I sign several contracts that netted nothing for my company's bottom line. I make more money selling DVD's by hand, but I dont intend to do that for my entire career.

Royce Allen Dudley

Indies generally do not get distribution deals that net the filmmaker any positive cash flow regardless of how deep and broad the film is circulated or for what length of time. A notable exception was the RedBox buyout deal (if it's still available), and your film must truly be made for mico dollars to get ahead in that case. Promotion and Advertising and the built in overhead of distributors eats up gross revenue very quickly ... this is by design, as their business model relies on free product. You need to have an up front production budget of cash in hand that pays you and your cast and crew what their efforts are worth, not deferral dreams that are by the numbers, a myth.

Ramon Richardson

Thanks for the feedback both of you.

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