Distribution : Self Distribution of our Horror Feature Dark Forest by David Zellis

David Zellis

Self Distribution of our Horror Feature Dark Forest

Hi I produced a feature length horror film "Dark Forest" (2015) that is on the majority of Streaming services including Amazon and I-Tunes. We have done some distribution ourselves including theatrical. We recently put it on Blu-Ray and DVD and would love to hear any suggestions to help get the word out there about this release as we put a lot of effort into it. Thanks in advance for any help or guidance provided!

Caue Castelo

Hi David, consider submitting to our festival. We are looking for fresh talent and even if it's already out there in some channels we will consider screening it. The business is changing for festivals too. Premieres are great, but most important is to connect film makers with new audience. We are offering cash prizes and a beautiful metal award. Altought it is our first edition, we are very proud of the material we are receiving and very confident that it will be a very prestigious event some years from now. Here it's a special waiver for free submissions to Stage 32 Members. It is limited to 5 entries so act fast. More infos in the link bellow.code: phen0stg32https://filmfreeway.com/PhenoFest

Rowan Sutherland

Hi, David, take a look at a festival called BLASTOFF (www.BlastOff.us) which is offering a 30% discount code BlastOffx30 at this time. Awards include worldwide distribution for select films, via streaming, rental, and purchase outlets. Collective outlets probably have in excess of 20 million viewers - even a small piece of that can be significant.

David Zellis

Thanks I will look into it.

Ryan McCoy

David, If you’ve already got the film out there, I would suggest reaching out to horrow news sites like Dread Central and Bloody Disgusting, etc. to get some reviews of it out. Worked for me. Let me know if you need any email contacts, however you should be able to find them pretty easily on Google. Best of luck!

Tyler Elliott

Also the best thing to do is send your movie to youtubers with big subscriber counts that review horror movies.

Ryan McCoy

I agree with Tyler. I don’t have too big of a following yet on my channel(s) but I’d be happy to give you some love.

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