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Ermanno Vanino

Vertro tv

Has anyone had any dealings with this company? Any feedback.

Amanda Toney

I haven't Ermanno, but I tried to see if I could find some information for you and through a search I couldn't seem to find much about them except for a company-issued press release several years ago. Any Stage 32ers familiar with this company that can can help Ermanno out?

Ermanno Vanino

Thanks Amanda.

Erik Grossman

Never heard of 'em. Sounds like one of those channels that plays infomercials all day.

Ermanno Vanino

Thanks Erik.

Laura LaMonaco

Yeah if it's not on IMDB, and you can't google the name or at lest the email address or phone number than they are either 1) too new 2) a scam If they contact you ask them for referrals or say you want to see contracts before committing to anything (assuming that was why you are asking) I its a scam, scammers tend to run from questions of any legitimacy. What type of company are they claiming they are? Sometimes, you can contact the union and see if they have any information. I hope this helps.

Ermanno Vanino

Thanks Laura. I ran an add for a host for a human interest/travel series I am producing. They contacted me to see if I had a sizzle reel they could look at. I think they are on Roku, Apple tv etc. I will keep everyone posted on this adventure.

Evelien And Dorien Twins

we haven't personally however reading this, it seems to be their way of "working the crowd"... https://www.reddit.com/r/Filmmakers/comments/1wr5kl/anyone_here_ever_hea... We don't know if this is the same network http://www.1888pressrelease.com/vertro-tv-goes-digital-in-2014-pr-490449... https://www.facebook.com/vertrotv/info/?tab=page_info https://twitter.com/vetrotv http://www.vertrotvchannel.com/ We think that's literally all we could find.

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