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Hello S32'ers!

Anyone here have any experience getting your film onto iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu? Specifically iTunes.

I've come across an interview with Jason Brubaker on FilmCourage (see link below) and it got me curious to exactly how easy it is to get your film on iTunes, or if there are any alternatives to get your film purchase-able.

Larry DeGala

Go through the pseudo-aggregator
Problem is your title gets lost in the ocean of titles. It's a matter of carving out your niche and developing your brand to stand out amongst the random chatter.

Larry DeGala

did I say pseudo-aggregator? oh my...

Gabe Reyes

Okay cool, thanks for the link. I've heard of using Distribber for music but not for films. Getting your brand to stand out is always the hardest problem, but I think having your content on a channel like iTunes is a great way to help build your brand.

Katrin Magrowitz

everything Distribber promises you can do yourself . they take money upfront and then let you 'enjoy' 100% of the proceeds. in other words they have no incentive to work hard for your distribution/sales because they already have made their money and will not benefit in any shape or form from you selling anything.

Mark Sonoda

our company is launching a new division that will provide platform servicing for a flat fee of 6,500. For that fee you are put up on iTunes, Google Play, AIV, Steam, VUDU, XBOX LIVE, Playstation Network. We also have an output deal with Amazon Prime and YouTube Red that we place you on. We negotiate your curated AVOD and SVOD windows, by pitching to HULU, NETFLIX, Showtime and HBO. This is all done for the flat fee, no hidden fees or charges. You collect 100% of the adjust gross revenues on the Digital / OTT /VOD platforms we first mention as well as Amazon Prime and YouTube Red. We take a small commission for the curated rights (Hulu, Netflix, Showtime and HBO)

you can reach out to us at, on the site you will also find info on TKD (turn - key distribution) which offers "all-in distribution" packages that include marketing, pr, release planning and right curation long term.

our platform servicing site formally launches Feb 16.

we hope to hear from you,

Either way, best of luck trying to secure the distribution that best suits your film.

Erik A. Jacobson , a major independent film aggregator, will put you on all the major streaming sites for zero fee, take 20% of the income and give you the remaining 80% each quarter. Distribber is also good but charges a fee.

Mark Sonoda

Erik, you are right about but you are still dealing with the subjectivity of acquisition, our flat platform servicing removes that. You only deal with being rejected by the platforms we have deal with if your content is viewed as pornographic, technically unacceptable or unsavory. But part of our initial review of films that are seeking to use our platform servicing is a free evaluation of the film, and at that time, we would inform the filmmaker that their film may not clear the platforms Standards & Policies.

Erik A. Jacobson

No offense intended, Mark, but there is no way your company can seriously compete with By your own admission, your company is new to the game. By contrast, IndieRights is a regular exhibitor at AFM and other markets and has been arranging streaming for filmmakers for many years. It's not a newbie. It has long-established relationships with all of the major platforms and an impressive track record of success with many different filmmakers. It even offers limited theatrical releases for films it believes in. The "subjectivity of acquisition"? You must be joking! My mailman could tell you whether a film is any good or not.

"How to get your film on VOD with Linda Nelson":


Mark Sonoda

Erik, as you can see from my post. I responding with what we do to the person who posted this question and explained what we do and how we differ from our competition. We do acquisitions just like any other distributor, and when we do, their is an outlay of capital on our side, and if there is any outlay of capital, you are inherently are dealing with an executive's subjective opinion of the film. That is part and parcel with acquisitions. But again, I'm answering Gabe's post and when we were asked to join Stage32, we agree with the principal concept that my team of executives and myself would engage members, directly and thru their posts.

And no I' m not joking. The subjectivity of acquisition is the cornerstone of any distributors reason to pursue or not to pursue a film. Good luck to you.

Gabe Reyes

Thanks for the suggestions you guys! Very insightful stuff, I'll be sure to check out these options when I am approaching a release, etc. And best of luck with your launch as well Mark!

Mark Sonoda

Good luck Gabe. You can reach out to us via our website, stage32 or LinkedIn.

Erik A. Jacobson

You're welcome, Gabe. Yes, Jason Brubaker is a great guy, very savvy and informative on the business side of film. He's an employee of Distribber.

Vitaly Kozlov

The best way to check on distributors and especially if you don't know them is to look at the titles they have worked in the past (that by itself is a strong indicator how they position in the market place) and then contact the filmmakers through IMBD, LinkedIn, FB. People talk and especially they talk who is a not doing good and who have bad experiences with the distributors/SA/PR companies. Trust but verify through the due diligence!

Gabe Reyes

Thanks for all the advice you guys, I appreciate it.

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