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First Time Screenwriter/Director/Producer NYC Suggestion of good books or articles on Distribution?

I have (3) copyrighted animated screenplays. I have cast. I have animators. I have a book 'BANKROLL'
by Tom Malloy- How to finance your independent film. What I am looking for is a recommendation on a book or article that can teach me the various channels of distribution Theatrical, SVOD, Domestic,Foreign. Any help is appreciated.

Digital poster at theater: who makes/ how/ what?

Theaters now use a digital movie poster - who makes it and how? I have a short film that has screenings at small theaters and I want to make a digital poster for it. Google is showing nothing! If you know the who/what/where hows of that, would you please link me? Thanks!

Looking for distributor

To whom it may concern ,I am an independent director from Cairo, currently finalizing my first experimental short documentary film ( jar full of fish ). Now how can I find a distribution? Thank you

Tornado Film Festival - Malle, Belgium

Did you know there is a new filmfestival in town? It's the Tornado Film Festival in Malle, Belgium. You can find some more info at: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/TornadoFilmfestivalMalle. It's going to be a great event!...

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Tornado Filmfestival Malle
Tornado Filmfestival Malle
The Tornado Film Festival is an online film festival that wants to remember the passing of the tornado in Malle in 1967 and that wants to support filmmakers ...
SXSW 2017 podcast coverage

Hi guys, Lots to take in at this year's SXSW. Still trying to process all things I saw and heard at the festival. I had the chance to do coverage at the festival for my nsavides podcast and got to speak to a number of filmmakers there. We discussed filmmaking techniques, highlights from the festival...

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I want to get my content created out there to smaller networks what to charge?

So I am looking to find small networks to license tv series created, what is a good price to charge for new fresh content. Keep in mind its not to NBC or big networks but other platforms with high viewership. Im looking for a way to get the content created out there. Can anyone offer any advice?

Transformational Entertainment

Hello, I am seeking citations and examples of Feature Films that are in distribution that could be considered "Transformational Entertainment." Any IMDb cites would be appreciated. Thank you ~John

I have a short copyrighted comedy film script on Indiegogo for crowdfunding.

Anyone have a link to a list of film distributors that specialize in short films?

Stop Counting on Miracles and Love Self-Distribution

"No businessperson would willingly create a product with which they had no way to go to market—yet indie film, day in and day out, continues to do this." http://nofilmschool.com/2016/10/how-to-do-self-distribution...

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Music,Art,Visions and Love

I created a story of music, art and love with supernatural elements. It was published in a series of two books. My husband, who has a screenwriting education, is currently writing a screenplay for these books. Afterwards, I plan to submit it to Nicholl Fellowship in the hope that it will be looked u...

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