Post-Production : Best for the money by Gary R. Winstead

Gary R. Winstead

Best for the money

as a small time, just for fun project what is the best least expensive editing program available. one that is user friendly thanks

Shawn Speake

If it's for audio, AUDACITY is free. For video, Mac's Garageband and iMovie are free.

Tony Fisher

I found videopad to be pretty good. Its based off Adobe Première so the interfaces are similar, although videopad does feel less cluttered.

John Garrett

I have friends using Corel video studio, I think it is $80 and they love it for small projects.

Micah Vanderlinden

Adobe has a month trial for all their products if you can get your project done in one month :) After that, it is $50 a month. Alternatively there is Apple's FCPX, I don't have any experience with FCPX but I hear that is pretty user friendly.

Jim Danko

I found it pretty easy to maneuver through Sony Vegas Movie Suite. If you are just looking to put some clips together and even some small time effects. It is fairly cheap, around $50. Also depending on how small the project, just for videos you can use Windows Movie Maker and it's free.

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