Post-Production : Best low cost editing software. by Morgan Leo Shnell

Morgan Leo Shnell

Best low cost editing software.

I've used Adobe Premiere Elements before and been thinking of getting Final Cut Pro. But what I'd like to know if there is a better option and where can I find it.

Jack Ritter

Final Cut (not X), premiere, and Avid. I usually use final cut 7, but i'm about to learn premiere. If you already have elements, why not just move on to pro?

John Vizzusi

Sony Vegas Pro is another option. Bundled with Sony Soundforge is best.

Nathan Tauch

The Adobe CC is one of the fastest and efficient workflows in the industry at the moment. I personally have used Final Cut Pro and Avid, as well as Sony Vegas Pro. Nothing compares at the moment to Premiere Pro CS6 and it's counterpart After Effects. With CC dynamic link it's amazing syncing up everything in your projects. Before I used Adobe I used final cut which took me almost 3 hours to edit together a four minute demo. With Adobe it took me 2 hours to complete and deliver a video the same length and satisfy the client. Of course I'm not saying that Adobe is the only way to do things. If another programs works better for your workflow I suggest getting all the demos of the programs and experimenting. #my2cents

John Vizzusi

The discussion is LOW COST Editing. I own a 165,000 Dollar AVID HD PRO TOOLS Suite. I suggested Vegas Pro and Soundforge because of significant low cost software options. The Full Abobe Program you mention is a more expensive alternative.

Sean Patrowich

I have AVID, Final Cut and premier and I seem to be going to Premier more than the others.

John Vizzusi

Premiere is most user friendly, not a huge learning curve and fast!

Mark Gregory

Anyone using Davinci Resolve? I got the full version with my BMCC, but the Lite version is totally free - can't get any cheaper than that!

Alex Padilla

Try using After effects. I thing you would be able to push a litter further. But what i have seen is excellent of luck

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