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Brendan Thatcher

File organization

I recently filmed a wedding using a multi-cam approach. I have one audio feed file that has to be synced with multiple cameras. I also have hours of footage. Before I start editing it all together, what is the best approach to organizing all of that footage so that when I go into my editing software (most likely Premiere), I'll be organized and ready to put something together that wows my clients? Any resources out there that speak to this type of challenge?

Michael Willer

For a single-day shoot like that, organization is going to be pretty easy. I'd keep everything divided by camera, then reel number in explorer/finder. In Premiere (my NLE of choice), I'd have a footage bin, then camera bins inside, along with your audio feed by itself. This is an instance where PluralEyes will go a LONG way to helping your workflow. Premiere CC can merge multiple clips, including standalone audio, but I've never tried it with hours and hours of different takes on different cameras; it may turn out messy, though certainly worth trying. Once you've got your cameras and audio synced, my personal preference is to have a "footage" timeline where I can pull the pieces I want from the whole and cut it together on a separate timeline. I hope this was helpful! Good luck.

Brian J. Smith

The Premiere CC merge clips by audio (much like pluraleyes) works well. If your cameras have scratch audio, syncing shouldn't be a problem. For organization, depending on the specifics of the wedding, I would probably set up bins similar to the following. Use a number at the front of your bin names so they sort in order of importance: 1_Sequences or Edits 2_Merged Clips A Cam B Cam 3_Broll Ceremony Procession Vows Reception Dance Toast 4_Music 5_Photos 6_Graphics or Titles 7_Original sources Hope this helps.

Brendan Thatcher

Thanks for your help all! The project went well, and I used PluralEyes to sync all the audio and video, which was a snap! I debated changing file names, but instead put together an Excel spreadsheet listing the files and what was on them for easy reference, which worked out very well. I learned a lot, and am looking forward to conquering my next project!

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