Post-Production : Finally finished University. Gap year. New Video. Editing business. *deep breath* by Elisha Escalante

Finally finished University. Gap year. New Video. Editing business. *deep breath*

I have finally finished University! TBH It has been the worst 3 years ever. I have hated everything about it. I studied Theology, Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies. I am dyslexic and constantly got marked down on my essays due to the symptoms of my disability. They kept telling me that the idea's, arguments, etc were perfect but my spelling, grammar, structure blah blah let me down. Well no shit. So my grades are not what I deserved at all, I had to work 10x harder then the people in my class because It was hard for me to keep up with the readings and to be able to listen to the lectures and be able to just absorb the information and even copy it down fast enough. So I feel like I have got myself into debt for nothing. Pushed myself over the limits for nothing. ugh. I applied for a PGCE (Teaching course) so I could teach Religious Education in High Schools but I never got onto it this year. Basicly I got f***ed over by the University. They rejected me due to the fact that I never had enough experience in a class room to take the course this year which is crap because my friend got onto it yet I had more experience then her. It was just terrible. So I am taking a gap year. Right now I am OVER THE MOON that I never got it this year. I could do with a break from education, I have never been out of it. Giving my brain a rest might do me some good PLUS I am trying to go "professional" my editing because that is my true dream and passion. I had the chance to finally pay attention to editing this week and I needed to get back into the swing of it after taking a break to focus on my studies. Here is the finished result : Within 24 hours of posting this video I got a response from the producer of the show (well a re-tweet but still!) and a response from one of the main actors who said she loved it and thanked me. So that made me feel great! I would appreciate some of your critiques on it :) I put it together in about 2 days. When I start something I have to focus completely on it so I start editing from about 10am and don't stop till 2am. I love it so much as you can tell haha But yeah, a lot of good things on the editing side have been happening lately so I am taking this as a sign that I got rejected from the PGCE for a reason! I am giving my all into starting up a sorta editing business in my gap year. Mostly doing acting reels and any jobs that people offer me tbh Although it is partly about earning money (a graduate coming out to no job. Typical) but it's not just about that, it is so I can attempt to live my dream as an editor. Also to offer my serious at a reasonable price to all the struggling actors, screen writers, directors etc Trust me I have done my background research and the price people charge for their editing is silly and unreasonable! So yeah, I hope to get that up and running in 2 weeks. I already have a couple of jobs lined up but I am taking a well earned break next week and going away to sun shine Monte Carlo to a TV festival. But after that my attention is purely on doing what I love the most. If you have lasted this long through this long winded post, give yourself a pat on the back, and I appreciate it :) So yeah, I would love some feedback on my recent video and also if you could like my facebook page I would appreciate that a lot! -Elisha

Erwin Vanderhoydonks

I'll check you website and FaceBook page later this evening... An enjoy your holiday and the upcoming jobs.

Erwin Vanderhoydonks

Cool. Keep on going...

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