Post-Production : First time editing by Alexandr Khlopenko

Alexandr Khlopenko

First time editing

Hello everyone, for a couple months I studied the basics of editing and using adobe premier pro and after effects and etc. Because I'm extremely poor I couldn't buy a camera (or even a smartphone with a decent camera, god damn) and shutterstock is quite greedy (79bucks?), I couldn't use any actual footage so I used the creative commons free footage from videvo and a couple other places. The video: not that much work had been done, but that's still a lot for me, so if anyone could point if there are any mistakes, any improvements and if I'm on the right track or I better not touch anything with the word editing it in ever more. Thanks everyone.

Joshua Quincey

Overall pretty good. The only issue I have with it is when we come back to the dash we need to have a similarity in distinction. We had that during the green light but when the yellow light came on we lost that distinction. Then nothing on the red light? The fade to black would be good there but you had a fade with the green light. Inconsistent. Also watch for color consistency throughout the entire sequence. All of that being said. Good job. First time edit? Well done.

Raven Williamson

well done.

Alexandr Khlopenko

Guys, thank you so much, it means a wworld to me.

Raven Williamson

Keep cutting , the more you do ,the better you get. Make sure you tell a story with your images. You are the real director.Your skill will either create a great film or highlight total confusion. Create a language with the rhythm of your cuts , the way a conductor directs a symphony. Your cuts become notes in a composition. We edit the way a painter choses colors and strokes. We supply the emotion. How we cut a scene , tells the audience how to feel about a scene. What color is hatred, fear, love,. We grade a scene ,to give an emotional guidepost to the audience as to " how they should feel about what they are seeing.!"You work along side the director, but you are the "gatekeeper" helping the Director decide " what gets through to the audience."

Rob Wallace

I liked the quick cut timing and colorization. several cuts to the beat of the music were well timed. The repetitive scenes were distracting from the story line IMHO. Nice work.

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