Post-Production : How do you co-edit with a producer/director? by Reid Kimball

Reid Kimball

How do you co-edit with a producer/director?

Hi, I am looking for advice, articles, etc about how a video editor can ensure a smooth flowing, productive edit session with a producer/director. I am helping edit a reality tv show. I've got the video, editing software, and skills. She has the show concept. I'm finding it challenging to work with her. She doesn't know the footage very well, so we just sit there watching and listening to it and then she'll say. "I don't like that." for example, and it's a painful process to understand EXACTLY what she wants to have happen, because we've been watching and listening for several minutes. I tried to get her to log the video, but she wouldn't, and every time I suggest it she brushes it aside. Thanks!

Derek Nickell

She needs to log the footage as a director. That is part of her job, knowing what she has. If she doesn't want to spend the time doing her job, tell her that you will produce a rough cut or string-out and she can approve it and make notes. Get all of the info from her as to what she wants to see, message, feel, emotion, etc and cut it without her there. Let her make notes on the edit and adjust as needed. Working with a director or producer that isn't motivated to do the leg work is difficult. But there are ways of getting things done.

Reid Kimball

Great answer Derek, thanks.

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