Post-Production : How much should a new editor charge for this... by Sy Shanti

Sy Shanti

How much should a new editor charge for this...

Hey guys, I'm a new editor and I would put my skill level for editing at a 7 out of 10, Just looking for a range from more experienced editors, what should I charge for video footage from a dance and a wedding with menus and digital copies (be able to save them on a USB to be copied to disk) for both of them? Thanks!

Denise Gosdinski-Espinoza

I was researching prices for myself recently. I think a good range to start is $25 to $45 an hour. Unless you are looking for a fixed rate.

Sy Shanti

Hey Denise, I think that is a good hourly range too, what are your thoughts on a flat rate?

Georgia Hilton

For long format projects, I charge a fixed price AND fixed duration that is agreed by both parties for a delivery date... any overtime from that is at a rate predetermined in the contract. That way I don't have to clock watch, and neither does the client. And we both understand the stated deliverables, duration of time, and costs up front. For other gigs I charge between $750 and $1500 /day based on the project budget, amount of work, and type of work. Regardless of what I charge I do a contract and in the contract are deliverables TO the client with dates, deliverables FROM the client and payments with dates.

Sy Shanti

Very informative, thank you Georgia!

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