Post-Production : I recently edited a new trailer for my debut feature. Any thoughts? by Si Horrocks

Si Horrocks

I recently edited a new trailer for my debut feature. Any thoughts?

Karen Keslen

Congratulations for your debut feature! Really sensational! Great the shoot in black and white and awesome trailer.

Si Horrocks

Thanks Karen! We're going to be doing some pop-up showings in London and looking to get DVD distribution going, this year, as well.

Karen Keslen

Wonderful. Success with your film o/

Si Horrocks

Thanks Richard. At the moment, I'm right in the middle of those who want more and those who want less. I think I might try a longer but more mysterious version, though.

Tyler Wolfe

This is powerful work, Si. Great job, editing! This reminds me of the style of the movie PI.

Si Horrocks

Thanks Tyler! Please share. This is a tiny production which needs all the help you can give :)

Heather Alexander Treulieb

Wow, impressive.Have you seen Three of a Kind? by Gregory Green, Look him up. How are you Marketing?

Johanna Marshall

I love the black & white Si. I wouldn't make it too much longer.; if that's what you're considering. Don't rush the disturbia!!!!!!!!!love it though..............waiting fro the feature!!!!!!!Much success...............

Marcelo Grion

Where is She!? nicely done.

Si Horrocks

Thanks everyone! Heather, I've just hooked up with someone who believes we should try for a kind of 'cult' market, so we'll be doing some 'pop up' screenings around London, plus a kickstarter for DVD distribution. We've got a screening at the biggest screen in the UK for the UK premiere too. But if you feel like sharing the trailer to people who're into this kind of thing - you know it all helps :)

Anthony L Johnson

Hey Si, nice work, enjoyed the trailer. I'm sure you will do great business in the international "cult" arena! Wishing you much success. TJ

John Hager

Great job! It looks very nice. I like the black and white. It sets a great mood for this thriller. What did you shoot on?

Si Horrocks

Thanks guys! I actually shot it on a HV30 camcorder. Never really shot a film before so I had to learn as I went...

Henry Rivers

Excellent Editing, nice flow of events...

Si Horrocks

Thanks Henry!

Yvonne Coughlan

It looks great, love how the pace and mood changes from start to finish. I'd be in the give it less group I'd cut it at 1.40 and also lose 10-27.

Si Horrocks

Thanks Yvonne!

Jamie Birkner

Very cool!

Nicole Wright

Very nice!

Si Horrocks

Thanks Lyse and Nicole. Wonderful feedback, thank you.

Jackie Jones

Great job!!

Si Horrocks

Thanks Jackie :)

Mike Chinea

It made me want to see the movie. Are you planning a festival run?

Si Horrocks

Thanks Mike. We've done one festival and are waiting to hear from a bunch of others.

Mike Chinea

Sounds perfect for Screamfest LA. Wishing you much success with it.

Si Horrocks

Thanks Mike. And thanks for taking the time to look at it.

Si Horrocks

guys We've now started our kickstarter campaign to raise funds for theatrical distribution. Please take a look and see what you think, and pass it on to anyone you think might find it interesting. all the best, Speak soon!

Jessica Rose

Wow! Really makes you want to watch it and see what is going on! Fantastic!

Si Horrocks

Thanks Jessica!

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