Post-Production : Morphing in film by Sara Stadler

Sara Stadler

Morphing in film

Hi everyone, I am currently working on a short film that involves some morphing of footage from a baby toddler into a grown man into an old man. I have never done this before and was wondering, if anyone could give me some tips for which program to use or maybe even know someone that was willing to help me out? Thank you, Sara

Geoffrey Duch

Hi Sara, there's a soft that can achieve that effect pretty quickly from I've read on their website: . I never tried it though but hey there's a demo available in case you want to give it a shot and see if that suits you.

John Robert

The effect is not nearly as important (obviously) as the continuity and make up - if shot well the rest is easy

Adam Strange

I've had a lot of luck looking for tutorials for this kind of stuff on YouTube.

Simon © Simon

Use Google. Your software version and the effect you would like to have. Google is your friend.

Derek Nickell

There are several software options to use: Nuke, After Effects, Motion, Smoke, Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, etc. It really depends on budget, length of the finished shot, motion footage vs. still frames, camera tracking data, etc. More info on the shot would be helpful.

Julie Meitz

Here's an old time FREE Windows program that works as stand alone or with Adobe Premiere called WinMorph Also, believe it or not you can do some very nice morphing in Google's Picasa's FREE Face recognition photo app. Another FREE software is Sqirlz (old, but works). Of course like Derek mentioned, there are the professional software to do the same as in After Effects, Maya, etc. If interested I have a video that shows the results of various software I mentioned above including After Effects : You can also use FaceSubstitution (programming in C++ openFrameworks), explanation here:

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