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Reid Kimball

Video cards for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Currently I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CC with an Nvidia GTX 260 video card. This card is not supported for CUDA hardware rendering. I am wondering if I will get a big boost in performance if I upgrade my card to something like an Nvidia GTX 570?

Simon © Simon

Get a Quadro 4000...Then you can also Ray Trace too... That is making cool 3d text and extrude and bevel.

Randy Hall

Not cheap, but I've heard it's what you need to quickly render out from Premiere Pro CC

Maaz Mohiuddin

You'd be better off with ATI FirePro cards with crossfire, you can use two to render. They are better than the NVidia equivalent Quadro

Simon © Simon

The thing that most do not understand when comparing GPU's, as I almost made the same mistake. However, after about 600 hours of using the card. I learned that Quadro writes it's drivers for compatibility for Adobe's software. That means when you are working on a virtual 3d environment, with extrudes, bevels and about 10 hours of tweaking. Your computer does not crash. For the 200 bucks you thought you saved. due to a gamer thinking it is the same GPU or better....Buy the card that is recommended by the software manufacture as the drivers are updated to specs. Who wants to crash or lag for 200 buck savings? You go to the bar and spend that in a couple of months if not a weekend!

Stephane Lun-Sin

Hardware CUDA does give a HUGE boost in performances compared to software rendering. Night and day...I have a GTX460 on my quad-core hackintosh and with PP5.5 can play AVCHD footage with heavy color correction in real time thanks to the GPU.

Simon © Simon

@Daniel - That 6000 is the upper crust. I use a Q4000 ($700) coupled with 16gb of Ram, a medium duty rig. I am putting 16gb more ram when it goes on sale. for a top medium load computer. A high end computer would have 64gb+ of Ram and that 6000 quadro, with 3 SSD;s I have two myself and an HDD to write to and for storage. Opposed to $500. for a GTX 580 that might be a bit cheaper...then the 500. One could spend an easy 5000. on a W.S. Bottom line 15 years ago our studios of today would have cost 25000 easy to have what we get for a couple G's. The bulk of the editors here and Avid as well as Adobe agree Nvidia Quadro for any serious editor. As a matter of fact you cannot make 3D text on some comparably Cuda cored with even larger Ram's inside them. That takes certain cards which are written with specific drivers for them. I am sure there is a "hack" for it. However, most of us do not write C++ or Code to re-write a GPU to only Overclock it to tweak un planned performance out of it. Get a Quadro Reid and look forward.

Dobromir Petrov

If your GTX 260 have 1 GB of RAM then you can do this:

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