Post-Production : What do you prefer? by Adrian Barker

Adrian Barker

What do you prefer?

Premier of Final cut? What do you think?

Gilbert Stark

I use Premiere and I like it but I have never used Final Cut before so I don't know the pros and cons of each.

Shawn Patterson

I use both. As to which is better? It is a preference thing first off. Unless you will be using both Mac and PC environment to edit. I really like FCP though.

Troy Shaw

Fcpx is definitely the best. The multicam is unbeatable.

Vid Bahor

I'm normally using Premiere but used FCP for some projects. I like both of them and it really depends on wheather you use windows or mac.

Rachael Saltzman

Premiere. Avid for multicam.

Erin Monie

I agree with FCPX for multicam, but PremPro is best with After Effects integration... No render necessary. (Love that.)

Patrick Southern

The tool doesn't make the artist. I'd say each has its benefits, but it is really a moot point unless you know how to tell a story.

Phil Stopford

Neither, EVER. Use Avid.

Adrian Barker


Matthew Richardson

I use Final Cut Pro, not really tried out Premiere Pro. Would like to learn Avid.

Matthew Richardson

That's why I stuck with FCP 7 and didn't "upgrade" to FCPX. I used to do local television in the Lake District and FCP is what I learned my editing skills on. I have premiere pro as part of the CS6 collection so I'll have a look at that for comparison.

Shawn Patterson

I have used the past 3 versions of FCP and now I have fcpx. I use premier also. I think that it mainly depends on what you are editing and your workflow. Certain programs have there strong points and weaknesses. To FCP was the easiest to learn. Adobe works well with there entire lineup PS AE etc. Avid had a good "3D engine". Which ever you find to work best for you. They both have free versions to test. (Avid I'm not sure if you can try before you buy.)

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