Your Stage : My first video won an award.... by Lilli Moore

Lilli Moore

My first video won an award....

I am a vocalist who sings at many events ( on a cruise ship at the moment!!!) and with no budget with my dad and his friend filming we came up with this video shot on a wartime weekend in Loughborough. It then won the Wirral International Film Festival award for Best Music Video. It's pretty good for a first attempt.........and all for charity. The Alzheimers Society.

Joe E. Ironstand

Many congratulations on the award!

Richard "RB" Botto

How awesome is that. Congratulations, Lilli.

Ivana Massetti


Darren Wiesner

Amazing job Joe. True talent.

Joe E. Ironstand

Hey Darren, I do appreciate that but the thing is this is Lilli Moore's video. I just was here to offer supportive feedback, myself.

Pierre Langenegger

Wow! That's fantastic news, Lilli. Congratulations

Lilli Moore

Thank you all, your support is appreciated. :-)))

LB McGill

amazing voice!

Imani Kairee

love it congrats.. see you dont need a big budget to be creative:)

Susan K Chambers


Steve Lareau

Nice voice Lilli and the video is very entertaining. Good job, we've shared it on our Twitter and Facebook. Take care

Rosalind Winton

Hi Lilli, congratulations, unfortunately, I can't watch the video, could be because I'm in the UK? Could you make it available for anyone to watch, unless it's a glitch my side of things.

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