Financing / Crowdfunding : A new kickstarter idea on stage 32 by Anthony J. Noe

Anthony J. Noe

A new kickstarter idea on stage 32

Hello I was wondering about kickstarter too it is a great site but hard to set up right,I was thinking this site says it has 70,000 members why not start our own kickstart on this site if everybody donates $1 we would raise $70,000 and that would be a great way for members here to help with projects…

Ray Anthony Martinez

The problem with that is "Who decides who gets to make their movie first?".... We all have projects that we need funded, so, in theory, we'd have to have $70,000 to donate. ( $1 for each member ) If we had $70k, we'd just fund our own movies!

Anthony J. Noe

hello Ray well thats just it you can decide who you are gonna donate a dollar to.every body here has projects,just set up a plan like you would on kickstart and donate a dollar to what ever member.

Parker Reeve

I don't quite follow. I'm interested in the idea but I don't understand how it works. So I set up a plan just like I would on Kickstarter and I would donate a dollar to a member? In theory someone would donate a dollar to me. You say "you can decide who you are gonna donate a dollar to" - how is that different than Kickstarter? So you're saying that all 70,000 members donate a dollar and we raise $70,000. Is that $1 for each project? Of do some members get, say, $5 and some get nothing? To show my support for this if you set it up I will donate a dollar.

Exlus Bennett

Statistically speaking, if everyone on this site did donate then there would be no forward progress. 70k members give a dollar to one does make $70k. However, people being people, everyone on the site would want the same dollar deal. thus everyone would be paying out $70k over time as well. Thus a complete wash.

Julian Nabunya

hi ,i think it sounds a good idea to support each other , but it need a bigger mechanism to ehence it , for example some people have more than one project and others have one or less , if we could not look in number of members on site "70,000k =to money we expect to get ", and let the idea be based on willingness and ability of any person on this site , or even out side , then i think it can work for us .

James Holzrichter

I like the idea of a funding platform on stage 32. Maybe just a simple addition to the project section? All of the questions I see above are the same problem any crowd funding idea has, people giving money. I must say, I have connected with far more actual people here on stage 32 then other networking sites.

Nichole Joubert

Interesting. Could work with a little bit of organization.

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