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Boo's PaperWorld(c)

We finished a 4 minute 3D proof of concept along with the the written stories for the first 5 episodes and signed the writer, screenwriter, (both with major credits), and an the animation studio that has 2 Emmys. We budgeted for introduction of the new rebuild on the characters and a sizzle reel... which the production studio felt sufficient to get us a distribution agreement.... Sounds good right?

Well on a crazy impulse, I sent a one page overview of the project to, arguably, the world's most accomplished producer of animation... when a member of STAGE32, strongly suggested that... "anyone doing animation should study and follow him"... Sent on Thursday and answered on Friday with the request for a one hour Skype on Monday.

The producer has agreed to sign on for two years as executive producer of Boo's PaperWorld(c) and laid out what we need to have finished before he takes it to distribution. So our initial budget has grown to one million five hundred thousand dollars. Based on the strength of the story and the talent involved, we were in final talks with a two person investment company before one of the two got a severe case of the virus and was hospitalized...

So here I sit with everything in place that I only imagined might happen, with my pant pockets looking like rabbit ears... any ideas?

PS: We would never have this producer, if it weren't for the valuable insights shared on STAGE32.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Has the infected investment partner said they are pulling out all together? Maybe this is a just a case of wait for your champion to come back. Trust me, replacing a worker is easier than replacing an ally. If they believe in you and the project, then wait for your champion!

Steven Vandrilla

Thanks for the advise.... we have a meeting Monday with our banker to look at all avenues. I will let you know how it is proceeding. The good news, for the time being is... our Executive Producer believes in the project to the point I got a wonderful email saying that He feels we will achieve funding this year... production is set to start in March so I made need a "reel" angel!

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