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Bruce L. Stanton


So, I am trying to understand. I have been doing some research and I do understand that building a crowd/audience/relationship is one of the most important aspects of crowdfunding. But it seems that almost all the successful campaigns already have their movie shot. So my question is, what is the point of running a crowdfunding campaign if you already have the movie made? Or am I missing something in translation?

Erik A. Jacobson

This is oversimplified, but perhaps it will help. There are two different types of crowdfunders, people who have yet to shoot any footage and those who have shot something. Obviously, those who already have something to show to prospective investors have a leg up on those who don't. For example, I am shooting a teaser/trailer of some of the key scenes from my new microbudget BEFORE making it a key part of my crowdfunding campaign, making it a visual sample of the movie to follow and hopefully whetting the appetites of donors/investors for more.

Bruce L. Stanton

Thanks Erik, That does help me understand. I appreciate it.

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