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Lauren McKean

Crowdfunding Perks

I just launched the social media campaign for a comedic superhero coming of age web series I'm in development of. We'll be moving towards crowdfunding in the next couple of months and I wanted to poll everyone and see what your favorite kinds of crowdfunding perks are. I've already got a rather substantial list but I'd love to see if unique vs typical ends up being more popular. What are your favorites?

Lauren McKean

One that I love seeing is quality perks, like quality t-shirts, sweatshirts or beanies, etc as opposed to the cheap ones.

Nicholas Jordan

Accepted the network request and sent a pm. The thing with T-Shirt / Flyer level of campaign—if kept micro-scale—can work and does work. A major-network producer whom I spoke to and is how I found this advises to avoid the glitz of Big Corp type ideas and just rent some equipment and do it as contractor to some house whom can handle the 1 $Million hickey in the budget.

Wesley S. Miles

CREDIT: whether it be special thanks or something more involved. Exclusive VIEWing: people want to see it. Kung Fury still hasn't delivered exclusive views to it's original backers but it is all over Netflix. GEAR: T-Shirts, scarves, hats. If I get to see it and I can get a limited high quality shirt, heck yea I'm donating! The first two are free, make sure you source and budget for your gear before launch so that you get a good idea of what your reward price points should be. Sounds like a fun concept.

Lauren McKean

Thanks Wesley! All great things to keep in mind.

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