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Crowdfunding your film?

If you are thinking about crowdfunding or have (will have) an unsuccessful campaign, message me. I'm the founder of and we are seeking quality film projects that need funding. Thanks! Dale :)

Rachael Saltzman

I have one.

Daniel Adam Willis

Hey Dale shoot me a message would love to hear your concepts on how changes the game from Indiegogo or Kickstarter!

Eric Stacey

Interesting. Do you have a website and/or referrals for some of your successful campaigns?

Dale Smithey

Our website is and we are in start-up mode, so no completed projects yet. We are working on getting our first round of campaigns launched in July. Thanks, Dale :)

Adrian Sierkowski

You should really think about coding an API to auto-tweet/facebook post thanks for anyone who donates $1 or something.. like a lot of kick-starter projects seem to do. Save a lot of time for project creators. Also a widget to donate to projects directly from 3rd party sites, so if you are running a branded marketing campaign with your own sits ect, they can embed things on that site without taking the potential contributor to another site. my midnight thoughts. Good luck guys. Pricing structure looks damned good. Hopefully you do well. I think you will, crowdfunding is a good market to get into these days.

Dale Smithey

Thanks for the feedback. Dale

Daniel Adam Willis

Have a script Phil?

Randy Hall

Dale, I can't read the Terms page on your website, it's just a massive glob of text. Definitely fits the TL;DR category of writing. Also, what's the e-commerce/funding fulfillment mechanism you're using? Also, what's your cut, fees, etc. I have yet to use KS or IGG for fundraising, but I'm wary, because the projects I've seen end up getting nickeled and dimed by those two platforms.

Joel Paul Sciberras

hi im joel paul sciberras im a filmmaker would you like to help in fundraising for my film projects please thanks

Stacey Genève Travis

Hi Dale! I hope all is well. I am in the early stages of my short film. I will be in Pre-Production in about a week. I am seeking funding and would love the opportunity to learn how I could possibly fund my project.

James Cisneros

Hello Dale: please provide me with some insight on CineFunder - sounds interesting. I have not had much luck with the others - I do have several people in LA looking at my material - also I would like to get an Office Space/Waiting type comedy off the ground. Let me know what I need to do - appreciate your time.

George Edward Fernandez

Dale up to what budget? I have a co-production deal for two films at $500K each with 50% financing in place and will be adding US TV names to it.

Jay Parker, I

Dale - I have 5 projects from $200,000 to $20M. The $20M production is Out of the Blue and has a $5M tax credit from Alabama. Can you help?

Robert Manasier

Please email any details of how your company works-may have a few projects in development that can utilize them. Thanks

Randy Hall

Dale, another idea that I'd like to see done is for projects that are being submitted, before they are fully greenlit by CineFunder they have a "pre-launch" webpage (the same URL, but donate buttons disabled) so that cards/flyers/posters/QR codes can be created in advance of the launch so that the fundraiser has its best opportunity to succeed.

Norm Swain

Dale, I'm interested in hearing about your company & the investment opportunity. Please send me your criteria for investing in films. We have several projects ranging from $1M to $7.5M with various attachments. Looking forward to hearing from you. Respectfully, Norm Swain at Good Fortune Entertainment, LLC.

Robert Sandage

I have a movie that I am looking to have funded. It is called THE POSSESSION OF INNOCENCE. Needing help in getting funded if possible.

Steven Nedelton/LT Reece

A friend of mine is looking into making a movie from one of my thriller books ('Dangerous Trade' at I am not sure where he stands at this moment but I would appreciate if you could keep me in mind. Of course, we would need the details. I'll be in touch with him this Friday. Ned Stevens is my pen-name. Thanks for your help. Best,

John Rachel

"Blinders Keepers" is a commercial if somewhat dark comedy. A young man who escapes his hopelessly hayseed home town in Missouri is mistakenly labeled a terrorist and must survive a manhunt by government security agencies, while the President of an America in chaos and collapse perpetrates an end-of-the-world hoax, attempting to reclaim control and get himself re-elected.

Jay Parker, I

Is there anyone out there, such as an immigration attorney, familiar with the USCIS EB-5 program? This is a funding source for American businesses by foreign nationals in exchange for their citizenship. Google or Wikipedia it for more info. I can't find anyone with large enough culioni to undertake this project with me. 200 Chinese nationals with a minimum of $500,000 each equals $100M and that's plenty to do all your projects and more! I have an expert in Manhattan but she wants $80,000 retainer to administer this. I am ready to be the Executive Director of the Regional Center for Film and TV and an Executive Producer for each production .... let's stop begging for money and do this! 370,000 Chinese are on the list and waiting - America, what a country!

Daniel Adam Willis

How much are you looking for to match the 80,000 retainer?

Jay Parker, I

hahahahaha - I am in bankruptcy and foreclosure with no job and no money and certainly no help from the current regime. We were getting funding for our Out of the Blue movie but had to return all the investment back to investors when the BP oil spill hit. We were going to film in the Gulf of Mexico. So this severely financially damaged me and I have filed a claim with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility but BP is fighting us (the greedy whores!) I can only come up with $20,000 by accessing a retirement account. Got any ideas?

Einar Kuusk

Hey, saw that you're looking for awesome film campaigns to support. Here's an epic sci-fi short film to look forward to and help raise the funds for:

Audrey Noone

Hello Dale. I would like to know more about how CineFunder works. Thank you.

Evie Marie Warner

I am needing helpful. Mildly successful fundraising so far. Mostly just family. People keep retweeting me gofundmelink but none of them are donating!!!.

Justin Elijah

I am looking for funding as well for my feature film being filmed solely with iPhone. I have a lot of information about it at . I could use any help and advice that anyone is willing to give.

Robert Sandage

I am definitely trying to get money raised for my movie project called "THE POSSESSION OF INNOCENCE". I have created a Indiegogo account and Crowdit account. The Crowdit account has only raised $42 and that is it. What it is about is the devil hatches a planto take a succubus and encase her into a rare jewel. That rare jewel is placed onto a engagement ring. A young unsuspecting couple buys the ring and the sweet, innocent virgin gets possessed by the succubus and claims souls for the devil. I have been in talks with a major agent for a few actors in Hollywood. The producer/director has tried to get the script SagIndie approved. This will be his first film directing but possibly we may need another person to help produce the project. I would love for this to happen. Rob

Stacey Genève Travis

HI Robert! I wish you all the best and much success!

Evie Marie Warner

@Justin the most important advice is something I have learned from trying to do this film: Plan your shooting schedule to allow for retakes. Give yourself 10-12 hours when shooting any scene. Why? if you only scheduled six hours that day and people have some where they want to be, then you are putting yourself at risk of rushing and when you rush, you start to make mistakes. If this is something you have already thought of then great! I wish I had thought of it when I started filming Awakening! It is my first film and I am wearing many hats so its been kind of stressful!

Robert Sandage

@Stacey Thanks Stacey! It has not been easy and the guy who is directing and producing the film is asking me if I know anyone where I live at who can invest in the film project. There is a chance that we may need to bring in a person who can produce or be a co-director. A lot of work to do.

Justin Elijah

@Evie, thanks for that I actually hadn't thought of it that way. I am very grateful that you took the time out to give any advice, thank you very much.

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