Financing / Crowdfunding : Equity Crowdfunding? by William Joseph Hill

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William Joseph Hill

Equity Crowdfunding?

Hey Everyone! I remember a while back hearing in the news that crowdfunding rules were going to be relaxed enough to where folks were going to be able to offer equity in a crowdfunding campaign, (financial equity as opposed to non-monetary rewards). Does anyone know of any crowdfunding platforms that offer this option? Or has the SEC snuffed this option?

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

William, I'm not too versed in this but I do believe Texas made some changes on equity crowdfunding this year. Maybe a quick Google search into that ruling & which platforms will honor that might help. Also, I'm not sure if you're funding in US or in another country, but I did learn of a great French crowdfunding platform Ulele (might be worth looking into).

William Joseph Hill

Thanks Julie! Those are some great leads -- I will check those out.

Ashwanni Kumar

William, your post is very interesting. If you are able to find out more about the mentioned crowdfunding new rule in your post; please share with me.

Erik A. Jacobson

For those in Southern California, there is an equity crowdfunder mixer for those wanting to learn more at the Hyatt Regency (LA) on Wednesday, July 15th, sponsored by Check the website for details.

Jason C de La Torre

Hi William, I know is a pretty popular equity crowdfunder. I haven't used their services (yet). They just came up in my financing research and read a few articles on them.

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