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Karen "Kay" Ross

FINANCIERS: Are You Attending AFM 2020?

If so, join us on this thread in the Producer's Lounge so you can connect with other Stage 32 Members attending:

Also, consider how this could help you with your November Write Club Challenge! It's super simple to participate. Just create a goal for the month, comment on this blog with your goal, and check back weekly to stay encouraged and accountable!

Tom Luca

Kay? Does Stage 32 have a list of who's who of financiers? So we can know who we are dealing with. We have a strict policy at DreamFactory Studios that keeps the properties we have in Development very hush-hush confidential until we have actually shook hands with business partners we trust are on the same page for the greater good of the properties we do not release any information on our intellectual properties for legal reasons. Or even a list of motion picture studios such as my favorite since childhood and the only ones we would deal with: UNIVERSAL, United Artists whose parent is MGM which is another longtime favorite, and Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox (Before being acquired by Disney), Paramount, Columbia Pictures, and although not considered the majors Amblin Entertainment, and Lucasfilm Ltd. (Before it was acquired by Disney), and the old Walt Disney Productions (especially back when Uncle Walt was at the helm and even past '66 up until the late '90s). And although they are not around they went defunct in '67, the ol' Republic Pictures. Fine memories of pictures they must've had made by them. My personal favorite years of Cinema are from the 1930s through 1990s. These days I feel the business is in disrepair but can be revived with great storytellers and filmmaking that remembers traditional ways.

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