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Heather McCluskey

Favorite platforms

With the large variety of crowdfunding sites available, just wondering, any favorites? Best and worst stories from any sites? (Epic fails/great success/fine print you missed?) The best info comes from real people, really trying, and every bit really helps!

Rakesh Malik

I interned with a production company that had some success with Kickstarter, but the CEO (who also ran the campaigns) was of the opinion that while it worked for launching, it wasn't sustainable because the model lead to large investments all at once to fund a film. He wanted to shift to a subscription based model, which I believe the company is now using Patreon for.

I also know of at least one film project that successfully got funded using Seed and Spark, and is fairly pleased with the experience.

Brad Rego

I've had some experiences with crowdfunding, some good, some not so good. I think it really depends on the type of project you are trying to fund. I've found that there seems to be a rough limitation as to what you can get from crowdfunding sites, so the shorter the project the better. What are you trying to raise for?

Joey Madia

I've had good success in the past with Go Fund Me. Their platform is easy to use and they especially good for nonprofits. I am just launching a Patreon now and have been very impressed with them as both a contributor and now as a creative.

Heather McCluskey

Thanks everyone, I'm planning ahead to launch a crowdfunding campaign to start up a production company, and possibly fund 1-2 films. I had heard go fund me was getting to be bad about closing accounts for no reason and refusing to pay funds. I appreciate all the feedback, thanks again!

Brad Rego

If you are doing features and planning on raising several hundred thousand, you may want to look in to equity crowdfunding.

Shannon Tharp

Indigogo. It's more international and it's not an all or nothing platform so you can still get some of the money and use it towards your project

John T. Trigonis

Hey Heather! The only two sites worth anything for film crowdfunding are Kickstarter and Seed & Spark. GoFundMe is best for nonprofit or social cause campaigns, and Indiegogo has since shifted its focus from film and creative projects to technology and product ones. I've got tons of stories about successes, failures, and near misses (I'm author of the book CROWDFUNDING FOR FILMMAKERS, plus I was Indiegogo's Film and Creative Campaign Strategist from 2013 until this past June and I've worked on over 1,000 successful campaigns), so if you want to chat more about that, and specifically get advice about the film you're looking to fund, I'm happy to send along my consultation rates and chat further. Feel free to hit me up at

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