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Film incentives

Today I'm diving into the various incentives, and I've got to say, much of my locations can be done in Ohio or Oklahoma - can't beat the 30% incentive for all crew. Then, due to a specific need for desert, I scouted the various mid-east countries and found Saudi Arabia has a 40% incentive - I don't know the specifics, but, I am curious.

I personally would prefer to "bit the bullet" - "avoid the sword" in their case, and not go there. All the same, that 40% is tempting. Thought I'd share.

Philip Sedgwick

Arizona's incentive kicks in within days. It's not great, but it is something... and the desert... the desert is really something!!! Permit fees are soooooo reasonable.

Ron Newcomb

I'd give New Mexico a look.

Abdur Mohammed

Thanks all. After stewing over things, believe it or not, New Mexico and Arizona made top list for desert scenes. And now there were two lol.

Sam Sokolow

Hi Abdur - excited to hear where your project ends up shooting. Allow me to recommend this Stage 32 webinar on how best to work with tax incentives - there’s some great information in this. Here’s a link so you can check it out:

Abdur Mohammed

Thanks Sam Sokolow I'm on it. BTW, I've got my eye on two others lol. Got to keep the brain fresh.

Abdur Mohammed

I have narrowed my "Preferred" locations to Montana and New Mexico. Now to read the fine print lol.

Amanda Toney

Saudia Arabia has been making huge strides to bring global filmmaking there. We are in talks with NEOM for a partnership. Saudia Arabia is truly wanting to be a global player. I also agree with Ron Newcomb - New Mexico I believe is around 25-30% right now and they have some great desert landscape.

Abdur Mohammed

Hi Amanda Toney the more I look at New Mexico, the closer I am to choosing it for location. In the right season, it could even handle the second location. One thing with Saudi Arabia I have to mention, something to watch out for is the weather. Winter may be the time to shoot due to temperatures. During my deployment times in Dubai and Bahrain...the summers there can be brutal. Well...thank you, thank you all.

Amanda Toney

Here's a New Mexico incentive resource for you Abdur Mohammed : - keep us all updated!

Abdur Mohammed

Oh wow...thank you Amanda Toney This will be extremely helpful. Thank you for this. All the best.

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