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Eunicia Esanu

Filming equipment

Hello everyone! I’m an former educator and experienced what I believe to be the future of our education systems and all it’s corruption. I am looking for funding for cinema gear to make a documentary to share my side of a very twisted and hopeful story about a wonderful teacher who was falsely accused and targeted by her male principal and her journey to the school board. This is a long shot, but I have no fear at this point :)

Rohit Kumar

I have tired to raise funds for camera gears and few equipment and I had a plan for long series of documentary of India but crowdfunding campaigns are tricky and depends on your own personal connection levels. So my campaign didn't work though. Like I had a story , a documentary planned related to education in India and how modern so called technological revolution is changing the society for good or bad aspects of it and changing the true nature of sustainable living which once India boasted off but it didn't reach.

And I'm not that good in connections, since I'm very introvert guy too..

So I would say first make a plan of the story you want to say and make a list of people you know who truly believes in your project and execution. And than list of people who will be able to support you in any way possible.

There are many layers to fundraising deals. I'm sure there are people who would pitch in with ideas. But core is how strong is your extrovert, marketing, connections skills are to be like hardcore approach to bring funds.

Now I'm not someone who would say you can shoot with phone and all. You can for sure if you got iPhone or even some decent good config phone you can but still there are many more expenses, location costs to be discussed so on. Documentary is always going to be low budget, 1 or 2 persons or 5 at max. So whoever you got you all have to come together on a page and discuss what kind of message you are conveying and some tricks are there to raise funds on specific subjects. Like I heard woman centric documentaries or movies have some funding options. So do check it if there is anything related suitable for your need. Documentary is tricky though.

Dan MaxXx

buy used gear, or hire crew with gear. But you gotta start with some funding in place.

John Ellis

Many universities have gear for free, if you use their media students as crew.

Eunicia Esanu

I do have a money for a little funding to maybe buy the body of a cinema camera, but I know lights, mic, and lenses, tripods etc will start to add up. Thank you all so much for responding!

Andrea Calabrese

You can use the film departments at local community colleges!

Andrea Calabrese

There's also public access TV. They're constantly looking for content!

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