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Bryan Ransom

Financing from qualified lenders

Who has fully financed a film or tv project through a lending company?? What are the pros and cons of this avenue of financing. I've always preferred private equity but am broadening my horizons. Tell me your achievements and horror stories.

David Vine

Hey Bryan. Looks like we're neighbors, maybe. I have an MBA and know a bit about commercial matters and I'm into documentary now. Funding for a film/video project is, I think, highly variable. It always boils down to who wants to part with money for value received. If you're a big shot producer you can talk to big money people because they have a reasonable assurance they will receive a return on their investment (ROI). But ROI might be in the form of satisfaction or furtherance of a cause. The latter is probably more applicable to documentary and the former could be a basis for funding in your case. I gather you're into animation but I don't know the subjects involved. Asking the question "who would like to see me succeed might be a start. It might be an official funding source (check SC Arts Council or SC Film Commission), maybe a group of you college buddies if they happen to be well off, etc. I hope that's not too basic but I thought I'd reply to your post because it seemed interesting and applicable to my situation. In my opinion money makes things go faster. I can support myself with my business and work on docs on the side but finishing one project will take a while because I'm pretty much a one man band right now. Money for an editor, sound person, assistant producer, etc. would make it all happen much faster.

Rik Carter

I haven't. But it seems the cons are it's a loan. If the movie does not make it's money back someone (whoever takes out the loan) must pay it back with interest.

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