Funding for Publishing?

Hello everyone, my friend and I have come into a bit of a financial road block. I met recently with a lawyer who was able to give us a price for copyrighting both the novel (my friend wrote) and the screenplay (I wrote). We wanted to be able to cover all ends since this is our first time getting anything published. Her and I work as a team on every part of this project, but we're having difficulties on how we should approach this financial issue. She's in college (paying classes, room and board all on her own) and I work commissions for Cosplayers. We both aren't ones to normally ask for money, so I wanted to know if there is another way to fundraise? I've set up a Patreon account and so far we received our first donation. The funds would go to us paying the copyright, publishing company and the beginning of our movie making expenses. The first goal on the Patreon site is $2000 to cover the first two expenses. What other ways of funding would you suggest? Thank you in advance!

Kyle Climans

You could take out a loan from either someone you know or a bank. Or you could apply for a grant, if there are any to be had where you live. I know my home city has an arts council which receives money to give out as grants to artists in the area.

Kiara Cortes

Okay, we'll definitely try that. Thank you, Kyle!

Erik A. Jacobson

Why pay a lawyer? You can copyright it yourself with the WGA for $20 and with the Library of Congress for around $25.

Kiara Cortes

Hi Erik, yeah the Lawyer was our first choice only because we wanted to be super safe and we need a contract made between the two of us. We are good friends before this project and we want to still be good friends after this project. It's a way to keep us from ruining our friendship and partnership in the process. We just looked into the Library of Congress and it seems to be that we're going to go with that decision instead of the lawyer. I have to still discuss it with the author, but I am going to put my screenplay through there. Thank you so much.

Kyle Climans

Very good idea to draw up a contract. That's what my brother and I did before we started work on a script together, and I drew one up with a friend of mine before I brought him onto my web series as a co-writer. Best to have an agreement on paper with your signatures on it.

Kiara Cortes

Hi Stavros, thank you for your information. I thought that it would be copyrighted once the book was complete, but a Publisher and a couple other people told us to get it copyrighted before sending it out to get it officially published. My friend wrote the book and I adapted the book into a screenplay. We're working on the contract so that it will be on paper that she has granted me the rights to pitch the screenplay. We're going to be submitting to the eCO so that way we cover all ends of copyright. She will be owning the copyright to the book and I will be owning the copyright to the screenplay. We're looking for funds to be able to pay the fee of the Publishers/beginning expenses of turning it into a movie.

Kiara Cortes

Kyle, thank you. Yes, her and I definitely want to have an agreement on paper. I've gone into another project with an acquittance once and it ended badly when we didn't have the agreement written down.

Paulette Pearson

Hi Kiara, You can contact the US Copyright Office directly yourself. You don't need an attorney for this step. Just follow their instructions.

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