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Andrew Bee


Hi everyone. I'm starting to film my first feature this month, and I am starting to engage and build my audience, as I have learned is necessary from Stage 32. My only challenge is that I have no idea how to find my audience. I am making an Art House movie. Does anyone know how I can find that audience in North America and Europe? Are their websites that provide statistics of people who watch art house movies? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Jorge J Prieto

Andrew: I don't really know of websites, but I do know that The Angelika Movie House here in NYC, caters to art house cinema and audiences who are fans of the genre. I personally visit it from time to time for years. Hope you get more concise information here, my friend and congrats on your first feature! Wow, that is awesome! Keep us posted.

Vanessa Bailey

TWITTER! #arthouse #indiefilm #filmmaking #supportindiefilm Find your audience and bring them to you :)

Andrew Bee

Thanks everyone.

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