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Joel Heath

Horror Short - The Doll Collector

After 29 years of writing (only the last 10 was spent in screenwriting) I have decided to step into the mad world of production, the biggest areas I need to learn about are funding, distribution and marketing. I have a script that has been polished and polished and polished and now it's time to begin production, or live in developmental hell for all eternity. I have nothing to put in (that will very likely be a major millstone around the neck of my project) where can I find money and a distribution channel for my project? Before you suggest googling what I need, I have already spent a month running down that route.

J G Blodgett

Self funding sounds like it will not be your route. Although, if you can get some people involved with your film: co-writers and directors, actors with well-off siblings or parents, etc. then you can ask each that is involved to contribute a little that will add up to a lot. Depending on the size of your project this could raise enough to shoot a micro-budget film.

Crowdfunding is a good one, especially if you do in in steps: pre-production campaign, then production campaign, then post-production campaign and finally festival/distribution campaign. I am currently at the beginning of this process and do not have much feedback as of yet, but I am very hopeful.

Product placement is another good one. I am also currently at the beginning/networking stages of this as well and I am again hopeful. I believe there was even a webinar that Stage 32 just offered on this subject which is an "on-demand download".

Hope this helps :-)

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