Financing / Crowdfunding : How To? by Richard Thrift

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Richard Thrift

How To?

How does one run an effective crowdfund campaign? What are the musts and must nots?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

There are many articles and blogs some right here on Stage 32. A good book is by John Trigonis he is the Film Strategist at INDIEGOGO. Another book but more general but one I am using is called 'BANKROLL" -How to finance Your Independent Film by Tom Malloy. Richard"RB" Botto (our founder) is penning a book on the subject too. But I don't think it has been published yet. Best of luck Jersey!!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Richard Thrift Thank you for liking my comment. If you need any other suggestions let me know.

Richard Thrift

Always open to suggestions. I have sent you a network request Steven Harris Anzelowitz.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Richard Thrift - How far is Jackson New Jersey from Manhattan? By car or Bus or train?

Richard Thrift

It is not too far. If driving (went to Brooklyn recently) and depending on traffic it is about 1hr 20mins - 1hr 30mins.

Claudia Marinelli

Crowdfunding for filmmakers by John Trigonis is an excellent book. Just remember to build up your crowd before starting the campaign, think ahead, and start talking about your movie with as many people as you can and get them interested in your project.People give to things they love. I'll start my campaign at the end of the month, it's been e real job so far! Good luck... Claudia

Michael Moser

Having done a bit of crowdfunding myself, I think it comes down to two things. The first is presentation. You have to be able to present yourself in a way that gathers trust from people, and in return they will more likely give you the support and funding. The second is if you are able to gather that trust via the potential people see in your project, then it will be easier for you to get publicity through other people sharing your cause and generating traffic to your page and videos. This is once again done by presentation.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Richard Thrift 1 hour 20 minutes? Not really METRO NYC. But any suggestions you need just post a thread. Also I suggest you get an @imdbpro page account. Best $21.75 a month you will spend.

Richard Thrift

IMDb Pro page is not on my top priority list, having fun and making films is.

Bradley Bergling

One of the best ways for crowdfunding -- look at what has worked from other campaigns. Not just their kickstarter pages, but where else they have a media presence. As crowdfunding continues to age, people have higher expectations of what they are looking for before they invest, and tastes and priorities change over time as well- so benchmarking against successful campaigns for a similar type of project is always a great place to start.

Robert Franklin

Thx for asking such an important question!

Kiril Maksimoski

If I was going to back it, I need to see determination, motivation and some value background of course.

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