Financing / Crowdfunding : How do I Crowdfund a Smart-TV, Roku, FireTV, Android, and Streaming VOD platform? by Dean Lach

How do I Crowdfund a Smart-TV, Roku, FireTV, Android, and Streaming VOD platform?

I operate Connected TV channels on several platforms including Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The channels have been available to the public for about 5 years, and there are about 1 Million Subscribers to date.

The channels broadcast directly to Television sets through set-top-boxes and TV-Apps that run on Android and Smart TV's.

The Content is INDEPENDENT. The channels are FREE.

I need to network with Filmmakers, Film Lovers, and Cord-Cutters. I don't have to tell Stage32r's about the importance of supporting Indie Made Film and Television...BUT I do see that I need to inform everyone about how my service is helping Filmmakers to publicize, promote, and gain further exposure for independently made productions.

I do have a Patreon campaign, but I think I really need to do a Kickstarter or other campaign. The thing is, I don't have much of a Facebook or Twitter presence (I'm just not that good at social-marketing.) So, I guess I need to employ (yours) unless you have other advice.

Your help is invited.

Niecy Morton

Hi Dean I think your ideal is great. However, do not be afraid to dive into social media. You’ll be surprise in how so many wonderful people will grasp and support what you’re promoting.

Dean Lach

Hi Niecy. I do use FB and Twitter. And after using it several years, I still do not have the kind of following that would spark a good IndieGoGo campaign. I think I need others to carry the Torch.

John Ellis

1 million subscribers? There's your social network. It's not clear what you need to crowdfund - and that goal would be the first thing to define - but a million subs is 10X (or more) connections than most filmmakers have.

John Ellis

Dean Lach I've looked your website - there's a great opportunity here to really help the indie film community, specifically in helping indie originals get made (I'm talking mostly TV/web series here, because that's what I mostly do). Start a crowdfund with the goal of co-producing some originals, then advertise the campaign through your channels (maybe giving your subs a choice - like a poll "vote for the original show you'd like to see" kind of thing). There's a lot of potential in this - I'd love to talk with you more about it.

Dean Lach

Hi John, I like your ideas for webseries. Here's the thing about the "cord cutters" that watch my channels and others on free platforms. They are detached. They are not filmmakers, and this is (one) reason that they just don't appreciate that (we) need to make a living from our work. Heck, this is old news really - it's the same scenario as illegal music downloads and some Youtube content. They want Hollywood films for free...And they seek out rouge Apps, online services and CTV channels that offer illegally posted Hollywood content.

John T. Trigonis

First things first, Dean Lach –– audience! I've worked with a slew of campaigns during my time at Indiegogo that tried to do similar things here. You need to have the audience first, as well as a starting lineup of content that is already programmed on your platform. Stuff that audiences would want to see and support, as that will most likely be what they're supporting more than the platform it's on. People are just hungry for good, indie content. Then, you could always stretch goal or run subsequent campaigns (once the platform and its initial content is up and running) to have creators produce new content for your platform.

Just a few initial thoughts here, Dean. I'm happy to chat further and brainstorm more about this, as I've got a lot of experience in crowdfunding for all film-related things, and as I mentioned, If you're interested, let me know, and I can send you my call rate, and we can see what we can set up.

Dean Lach

John, my Channels have been around for over 5 years. Subs on Fire TV are 400,000, another 600,000 on Roku. This is a difficult gig -- and I do appreciate your thoughts and all... but I have to say I need a different resolution than you've mentioned. I think the solution is to get Filmmakers and that unique group that enjoy film-festivals to support my platform.

Dean Lach

An additional note to everyone out there. I want to sound positive here. But we need to be super creative to make this thing work. Or perhaps we need to really simplify this. It might just be a matter of social networking and some google-ads. Hmm. When I think of good VOD platforms that failed even when they had great support and plenty of financial klout - - I think of: James Caan and his, Canada's "Koldcast" service, and the infamous BabelGum VOD service.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Dean I sent you a network request a while back, if you add me we can connect and then explore some options.

John Ellis

Dean Lach I see where you're coming from. Do you have ads on your channels? Ads would seem to be the solution for finances, instead of crowdfunding.

Dean Lach

John, I've tried ADs, and actually I get a solicitation from a new Ad-Serving company nearly every day. They don't pay enough to make it worth interrupting the viewers experience.

John Ellis

Well, that sucks. I would've thought with your verifiable sub/viewer numbers, you'd get more money for selling ad time. That's good to know - not that I'm considering starting my own SVOD service, but any knowledge about this biz is valuable. Thanks for being so open.

Saurabh Ahuja

Great to see that you are helping new filmmakers

Dean Lach

Thanks Saurabh, I"m trying. It's been a tough road and it's getting more difficult considering Netflix, Hulu, etc etc.

Nancy Fulton

Reach out to me. I'd like to learn more about your channels and your subscribers. I might be able to help you make more connections to people.

Mohamed AbdulRahim هذه قناتى و احتاج المساعدة

John Ellis

Nancy Fulton that's a generous offer and pretty rare in this biz! Anything going on in the NoCal/ Northern Nevada area? Dean Lach I'd take a look at what Nancy is offering, it seems like a pretty cost-effective avenue.

Dean Lach

Right on John, and thank you (Nancy -- I messaged you!)

Royce Allen Dudley


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