Financing / Crowdfunding : How many people have website here and feel you are not making best use of it like raising funds through it? by Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar

How many people have website here and feel you are not making best use of it like raising funds through it?

Im sure many have websites. Writers, Filmmakers here. And Im sure you know you can create a fundraising campaign right on your website itself. So I was wondering what are your reasons not trying crowd funding or such on your website? What reasons you think is holding you back or if you tried what you feel didn't work?

Kiril Maksimoski

Hustle I don't need right now...mostly into writing acting at time being and most of my stuff's available per view. However recently I've backed UK indie director who was doing Kickstarter on his latest feature horror (got myself some perk for it) and he managed to secure funds - some 30K pounds. I think crowdfunding works if you know what you need, you don't need obesity of funds and have time/will to make it through. Great go for indie filmmakers...but as I already said - it's hustle all the way...

Leya Marincic

Well I don't have a personal site but our production does of which I'm a co owner and I'm also presented there.

If we're making best use of the website I'm not sure we are. But the initial purpose of the site was to be a sort of business card or something along these lines. A place where someone interested in more information about our work can find out more.

That's why we never intended to do much with it anyway apart from that.

John Ellis

I don't have a website - don't see the need for it. I barely have a social media presence - mostly here on S32 and a bit on Twitter - because of the communities. Not for self-promotion.

I could see a filmmaker having one to point to where his/her work can be rented/bought - the maintenance of having a storefront is too time consuming, not when compared to simply pointing to TVOD sites like Vimeo or Amazon.

The only writers (novelists) I see who have websites are ones who have large fan bases, and often those sites are backed by their publishers. And, again, the best ones will talk about when the next book is coming out and points to sales sites like Amazon.

For screenwriters, a website is a waste of time. No one (who can buy or promote your work) will ever read your stuff off of a website. And most listing services are a waste, too. The ones with value do more than just list, they actively expose your work - Script Revolution and InkTip are two that come to mind (although InkTip is pretty expensive).

The film biz is built on personal relationships. Writers would do much better by spending their time and money finding ways of networking (Stage32) - taking the time to be a colleague and friendly acquaintance, rather than always be hawking their wares.


Rohit Kumar

Kiril Maksimoski I was thinking of having a website than I saw people using crowdfunding. I have tried one which is kind of Indian version crowdfunding, but I'm too introvert for such thing and didn't work for me. I wondered how people who have a website don't use campaign option when it's available option considering they probably already have followers if got website in most long term case. Being Indie filmmaker I often think even to spend tiny bit of anything which doesn't offer benefits for film whats the point of website than. So it tricked me , though yeah some can get funding but it more leans to personal connections I feel. So thought to ask people here.

Rohit Kumar

Leya Marincic Yes I agree. Currently I'm look forward for producers who can fund my project and as per my knowledge I got to have a LLP registration and probably for that corporate entity website helps. But than again I was thinking like say I'm not even registering as LLP till I find a producer, now having website I can still try crowdfunding, so it felt like Chicken and Egg problem.

The thought is that, there is a filmmaker in my state Karnataka where he was probably first Indian to raise crowdfunding to make his film "Lucia". Even probably in the world? I'm not sure. But what I have noticed he got a online presence already which helped him to raise the funds and in a way outspoken person. While I'm too introvert and I have tried crowdfunding but it didn't work for me, I'm so less on social media promotions, it feels so bombastic to my true nature. But I'm sure many who have website for long time why weren't they using it, that tricked me. I was thinking of having a bare minimum website but that is making me question lately, like why? What more it truly can help than just a pamphlet of wanna be kinds.

Rohit Kumar

John Ellis Agree. What I have learned though is that, as a Film Maker/producer if you are collaborating with a Production house Investor than we have to make a company under LLP with some form of presence for legal process and many start with a website. I'm sure filmmakers have it, I had it once for documentary films which got ended and was planning to register new website. Earlier I have tried crowdfunding in a different platform but it's not my approach though so didn't work for me, since I'm not that open expressive on all social media or like in real world. Online I can type words but not in real world.

But I'm sure many filmmakers except screenwriters have websites for movie promotion or ad promotional stuff, but if say one filmmaker is holding on a website I kept thinking if they are more open about marketing their stuff say in a commercial cinema why aren't using crowdfunding. I mean Indie filmmakers its' even harder you can assume but if you got a main lead actor it's more easier to raise funds I feel. Just spit balling as I was thinking of whether to have website and why, being Indie is like I'm too miser to spend anything on myself, it feels self promotion and it's so cringe for me.

Rohit Kumar

John Ellis Website as in not like hosting the movie but more like crowdfunding option. Yes screenwriters don't really require website unless they got a creative space in the industry and holds a card. Filmmakers I often felt like they will eventually end up having a website as it helps for funding and promotional process. Website is itself a networking kind but think of it, all people are here and posting loglines, synopsis, why aren't many filmmakers than create a crowdfunding option on their webpage and seek funding from producers who are right here. I mean if many are reviewing it, it's also possible some can help for raising funds even fir tiny short film projects to see the potential of a writer filmmakers in Stage32. I don't see many doing that.

Dan MaxXx

from what I can tell (from my online ), the majority of "screenwriters" with fancy websites & blogs are just sociliting the general public, hustling for side income, selling script services, advice, feedback.

But if I were to make a movie and I dont have the funds myself, then yes, I'd create a website for that project. It's just a normal business expense, like owning a cell phone. Making movies is physical work, lots of Time and committment. Investors, in general, are putting their $ on you, not the website. They are hedging $ on people.

John Ellis

With crowdfunding, like a website, you need to have a large, active social media presence. Build that first, then the website.

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