How to find people to invest for a short film?

So we are a bunch of film school pass-outs, planning to make our second short film for a festival. This time we are looking for people who can invest in the production of the film. I need advice on where and how I can find such producers and how can I connect with them?

Joshua Beasley

From my experience, short films are a passion project a lot of the time. Selling a producer like myself would take the right conversation. Short films most of the time do not make money. So IF you have a more expensive short film written, it will be harder to find the one producer to love what you are pitching. IF it is a cheap script where you just need basic locations and some volunteers, then reach out to other writers, actors, background actors, PAs, and anyone with your idea. Not what you need from them. People on this S32 preach networking but sometimes you already have the untapped network of your friend's friends. I have seen short films where the DP, Writer, actors, PAs, director, post production, and crew all donated their time to a short. The only thing that costed the "producer" was the props, food, gas, and location rental. Everyone just wanted imdb credit or sag credit. Hope this helps.

Mark Ratering

That Uncle that is in the hospital, shortness of breath...ask him. AND DON'T CALL HIM A PRODUCER. BAD BAD BAD.