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Leo Borgrlin

How to fund a book

Hi, I need some advice and tips from you if you'e had experience in trying to finance your book. I could care less if you succeed or failed doing this I just want your guys experiences doing this and the key factors you guy took note of. I have a book I'm trying to promote, but it's really hard to get awareness for it. I've been sharing a poem of it around the web a bit and so far I've only got one feedback and it was " good job"+"rolling eye emoji".

William Grebenik

I used BookBaby and self published three eBooks. They can also print hard copies if you want some to give away (sell). Make sure you have an editor. I didn't use on on the first eBook and it shows. Have a detailed oriented professional review your work makes you sound much more intelligent. Who knew!

Leo Borgrlin

Thanks for the site, I'm going to check it out right now. By the way I'm 17 so I'm just used to talking without no filter.

Nelle Nelle

Hey William, Thanks for sharing! I've been interested in writing an eBook but no idea where to start.

William Grebenik

You can take the challenge to write a novel in a month! You can hire an editor on UpWork (and maybe here?). You can also hire someone to convert the Word document to the right format using UpWork or you can pay BookBaby to do the conversion. The best place to start is Microsoft Word (Office). Just do your title page, and do an outline and get your thoughts on paper. Your sale price will vary by the length of the eBook. Figure $2 or $3 at the bottom end. The upper end is capped by the major publishers. If someone wants $20 for an eBook, you are competing with a physical book at that price point. Do at least 50 pages. You can also get images to use (with credit) here: A pay for use site for images is: Also, I would read some of these links: This is now a crowded market. You need to market your eBook after it is published to gain sales! Cheers, William

Rosalind Winton

Hi Leo - I'm the official editor for Stage 32 and I also run my own editing business. I'm sending you a private message regarding editing.

Jacob Driver

My mom is in the basic process - only one other person is aware of her intent - and wanted to buy the book or watch the movie not knowing that it was not even a finished product or her own story! Keeping you close to hand Ms Winton

Denise Bohdan

We found a publisher for my Dad's book by searching the internet for similar content. Found an indie publisher & Submitted the draft and Voila'! Published & they pay for sales/advertisements.

Nelle Nelle

William! Thank you so much for the advice!

Izzibella Beau

Leo, I've had ten books published. My suggestion is to look on Facebook for groups and/or individuals who do editing, formatting, covers, book trailers, etc. You can probably find some really good deals with people who know the industry. On my last book, Somewhere In-Between. I got my cover for $55, my book edited for $70 (51k words from my Nanowrimo project), and a book trailer for $70. For promotions, maybe try a book tour. There are many different sites and blogs that will advertise your book. Most tours last from 7 to 14 days. There are even cover reveal parties, release parties, etc...hook up with author friends, they are a tremendous help.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Leo. I've never written or tried to sell a novel but I have wrestled with the problem of selling movies. If there is a target audience, a group that by its nature would be interested in your story, you might try joining and relating to them on line. See how they like your story idea, update them, etc. It can work for movies. Perhaps it might work for you.

Colin Guest

Re Douglas comment, my book, Follow in the Tigerman's Footsteps, subtitled The Adventurous Life of an Expat has been checked and found by a media company to be possibly suitable for a television series. It will be shown to a few producers to see if there is any interest in it or not. However, the main expense of doing this seems to be having the Treatment written. If anyone knows of people who could do this please let me know.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Colin. I read the short promotional summary of your book on Amazon. As a reader, I wrote coverage for several years for a couple of producers. a manager, and a screenwriting contest. What readers do is read the submitted book or script and then write a log line (If you're not familiar with that, you can look up what it means) and a short synopsis (about two pages depending on the preference of the person(s) for whom one is reading). From this point, to complete the coverage, the reader's task is different for a book (the reader writes brief comments on whether the book could become a movie.) versus a script (the reader writes brief comments on the quality of the structure, characterization, dialogue, etc.). A treatment for a screen play is a prose version of the story, essentially a detailed version of the script story without dialogue. There are variations in length (In preparation for a script which I wrote, I wrote a 26 page treatment, but usually they are on the order of 7-10 pages single spaced.) and detail depending on who is writing the treatment and for whom it is intended. My point is that I don't see why the management is asking for a treatment, but it is their company so it's their call. (I think a reasonably experienced reader could do a log line/synopsis which could go to producers without going to the time, trouble, and expense of writing a treatment.) There are free lance coverage writers available. Of course, price and quality will vary.

Leo Borgrlin

Douglas. What you said about the target audience was very useful. I'll make sure to use apply that. Thank you very much!

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Leo. You're welcome.

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