Financing / Crowdfunding : I could use a little guidance here by Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner

I could use a little guidance here

Is there anyone on Stage 32 that actually assists in film financing? It seems that the more I look at people with "Financier" as a profession, and subsequently go to the website offered on their profile, they are selling something to teach you how to raise funds. I am a producer, new to the show, and working on developing my first project. As I have a zero budget, I am not able to buy anything huge, rent any equipment, or hire any cast/crew that will make the production see the fullness of my vision. I surely, then, don't have the funds to buy something to teach me how to raise funds. It seems a little redundant. Crowdfunding doesn't seem to work unless you have a name that is recognized by the general public. It seems that the only films that are successful at crowd funding are those that are generally sequels to successful movies. Is there anyone out there in the world that can help me? I am not really looking for much, just a decent budget so that I can at least offer "back-end" agreement.

John Charnay

What’s your phone number? Private message it to me. Happy to point you in right directions!

Cassandra Laugsand

Hello Andrew, At Creative Imagineers Agency we can help you with budget, funding, advice and much more through our Business Package. If you are interested in hearing more about what we can do for you, please contact me. You can also visit our new website All the best, Cassandra Laugsand Junior Entertainment Advisor Creative Imagineers Agency Music, LLC

G.R. Barnett

Andrew you raise an excellent set of questions and I hope someone can give some straight up answers. I am curious about the same thing myself.

Matthew Glover

Doctors and Dentists love to invest money into film making. A lot of them are just super interested in it. If you have a pretty well locked script that you feel is ready to be pitched then I would go to the Dr.'s, Dentists, and even Lawyers and see if they are interested or know someone who is interested. Also if you have any nurse friends, Dr.'s are pretty close to their nurses. Anywho, worth a shot.

Shawn Speake

My man. Let's get some backstory. You say, this is your first project, and 99.999% of all first projects are nowhere close to the level of storycraft necessary to go pro. How do you know your story is ready?

Andrew Gardner

It isn't. I'm still developing and reworking ideas. I've written a lot of things down, and I'll be starting my outline soon. This post is more preparatory than anything. I am the kind of guy that likes to have everything planned out from the very beginning. Even if it is at the conception of the initial idea.

Shawn Speake

If that's the case, I suggest you write something you can shoot yourself with a team in your area. That's what we're doing in Denver: writing a short with the talent we have here. Teamwork makes the dream work, my friend. Happy Leap Day!

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